How to Make Fabric Vegetables

In my home, if you rank foods that kids hate to eat from 1 to 10, vegetables would come up as all the 10. But the kind that I am making here, are favourites – Vegetables made from fabric scraps. I guess, the fact that they do not have to gulp them down under the watchful eyes of me, myself, helps. And these fabric vegetables are cute and very very easy to make. Nice things to occupy them for some time. And maybe you can stuff in some lecture on the goodness of eating vegetables, in between.

make fabric vegetables

You can stuff the inside of these vegetables with small fabric scraps, but then they will not look all that even (as mine doesnot, with little bumps). If you have polyfill, use that – it gives an even, smooth look. But in times of shortage, anything goes, even paper/tissue pieces.

How to make fabric Carrots

Cut out two triangle shapes from your orange fabric, for making one carrot. You can take length 5-7 inches and width 2.5 -3 inches. Cut out different sizes for a variety.

make fabric carrots

Cut out small triangles in green colour for the leaves.

make fabric carrots

Keep the two triangular pieces together and sew them together.You can clip the seam allowances.

Do the same for the leaf pieces as well. Turn them inside out.

make fabric carrots

Stuff the carrot with polyfill or whatever you have to fill. Turn under the top edge to the inside (1/4 inch) and run a hand sewing needle through the edge with running stitch

make fabric carrots

Keep the leaves inside, tighten the stitch and sew in place.

make fabric carrots

How to make fabric Radish

Fold a fabric piece by the middle. Draw your radish on the top fabric – you need two fabric layers kept one on top of each other.

Now sew on top of this drawing. Leave a 2 inch gap, unstitched at the top part of your radish.

Now cut around this stitching leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance. Clip the seam allowance in places. 

Turn it right side out. Here is your radish piece ready for stuffing.

Make two leaves by layering two fabric pieces right side out and sewing the leaf shape on it. Just cut it out with some seam allowance, as you did with the radish shape. Here you do not have to leave any space unstitched, as you will not be stuffing the leaf shapes.

Now stuff the radish and then sew the opening closed, after keeping the leaves inside the opening. 

How to make a fabric Tomato

To make a fabric tomato, cut out petal shapes from a red fabric – 6 numbers for a single tomato. I cut 4 inch long and 3 inch wide petal shapes.

Start sewing each of them to each other. Do not forget to clip the seam allowance all over, along the curve, for smooth turning.

Make a leaf shape and keep aside.

When you reach the 5th petal, keep the leaf inside at the top edge before sewing the next edge.

Sew the 6th petal on the top and bottom, leaving the middle part unstitched – this is the opening for stuffing.

Turn the thing inside out.

Fill your tomato with polyfill. Sew the opening closed with hand stitches.

make fabric vegetables

How to make a fabric Pumpkin

To make your pumpkin, fold a 15 inch long and 7 inch wide fabric. Sew the sides together as in the picture below.

Fold the top edge 1/4 inch to the inside. Using a hand sewing needle and thread, make running stitches along the edge and gather the edge by tightening the stitches. Anchor the thread by sewing many times in the same place. 

Now stuff the bag you have made.

Make the same type of running stitches on the other edge as well and gather. Tighten. You have a ball in hand.

Use a thick thread to make sections in your pumpkin. Tighten the thread after dividing your ball by going around the ball. Stitch the thread in place.

Use a green cloth to make the top sepal part.


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