How to make a Fabric Wreath

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Make fabric wreaths

Fabric Wreaths are usually used as a seasonal home accent piece (for Christmas, Halloween etc), but that does not mean you need an occasion to make it. Wreaths make a charming centerpiece for a country-style decor.  If you have some fabric scraps and a wreath base, you can easily make one yourself. It is a good way to use up the fabric remnants you have from upholstery or other sewing projects.

What to use to make the wreath base?

The base of the wreath can be anything, including vines twisted in a round shape, metal rings, wooden wreath bases. Manipulating stems of plants into a wreath is a nice look – it has a very natural charm, and you need not cover the whole thing in fabric. But my favorite is thick cardboard cut in a circle shape.

To make the cardboard wreath base, you will need a firm cardboard which you can cut up with a craft-knife.

Cut out the cardboard in a doughnut shape.

making wreath with fabric

Use bubble wrap or plastic crumbled to make a projection on the base so that it will look all puffed up.

fabric wreath tutorial

Tape the bubble wrap/plastic cover onto the base.

Use paper tape to hold them in place.

Cover with a wide fabric strip.

diy fabric wreath

Decorating the fabric wreath

Decide on the color scheme you will be following for your wreath- it can be an eclectic mix of fabrics pieces in various colors and textures or a mix of fabric pieces in a particular color combination. Another option is to go for a monochromatic look.

Other than fabric scraps, you can also gather extra things to decorate your wreath like beads, sequins, wooden or fabric charms, etc.

Cut out fabric strips (lots of them) from your fabric scraps; I cut the fabric pieces with pinking shears so that the edges wouldnot fray – you may like the look of frayed edges; if so cut with normal scissors and try to agitate the edges to fray.

Use a hand sewing needle and thread to attach them to the wreath.

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