How to sew a Backless Halter neck gown

miranda kerrA halter neck dress in backless style – make a DIY pattern with your own measurements.

Parties, weddings, beach get together, red carpet events- you name any social event and you will find girls in a backless halterneck gown shining bright. Wearing this sophisticated gown can set you apart in any crowd.

The dress has a Hollywood aura around it. Marilyn Monroe in a Halter neck gown is one memorable icon. 

A well fitting halter neck can highlight many of the best features of your body like shapely shoulders, a good bust line, your best facial features, a beautiful collar line etc.

The photo on the right features actress Miranda Kerr wearing a backless halter neck gown during ESPY Awards Celebrity Red Carpet event. photo source – 

If you have an inverted triangle shaped body with heavier upper body a backless halterneck gown can balance the shape of your body by giving fullness to the lower part of your body. 

What fabric to choose for a halter neck gown –

Lightweight woven fabric is the best for sewing a halter neck gown. Knits provide a soft stretch which will accentuate your curves. I have seen some bridesmaid’s halter neck gowns sewn in chiffon which are downright gorgeous. Lace is also a beautiful option but a costlier one. 

How to make the pattern for a halterneck backless dress in princess cut style

Fabric needed for the dress – Double the length of the dress + 1/4 meters extra

You can either mark directly on cloth or make a paper pattern when drafting the pattern . Do not forget to leave the extra fabric above shoulder line to mark the strap for the front pattern. After the front pattern is done, it can be used to make the back pattern.

how to make pattern for a backless gown

A-B =Full length + 2″
A-D = 7 inches or as per table
A-E = Shoulder to waist
A-C = Neck width ( as per table)
Mark J mid of C-A

J-K = neck depth

B-I = 25″ -30″

Mark up 1″ from I

Join from 3 – K in a curved line

Mark 1 – Midpoint of G-C
Mark 2 – Midpoint of E-H
Mark 3 – Midpoint of I-B
Join 1-2-3

C-4 = J-5 = Back neck width + 1/2″ seam allowance. On one side pattern either right side or left side as per your choice give 1″ extra for overlap for buckles.

Back pattern

On the front pattern of the halter neck gown, cut out portions above line G-D after adding 1/2″ as seam allowance  to make the back pattern.

a backless halterneck gown

The back piece of this gown can be fitted with a zipper in the center line . 

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