Make a pretty HALF SLIP- Free Pattern & Tutorial

Half slip is one of those things you don’t talk about much but something you simply cannot do without, especially for all those who wear unlined skirts and dresses.We all get that riding up feeling refuses to go away even at the safest of places, when we wear skirts and dresses.

When I sew skirts and dresses, being a lazy goose I leave them unlined and my half slip comes to the rescue. The feeling of a half slip against your skin hanging from the waist is very comforting and a surefire solution to the riding up problem.


What fabric to choose to make a half slip?

You can use any material to sew this easy slip. I have made this pattern  in satin. You can choose any lightweight fabric like lining material to make the half slip .Cotton is the most comfortable material to have against your skin, ofcourse.

Make this in white skin and black which you can wear with almost all colours of skirts and dresses

half slip pattern

How much fabric is needed to sew the half slip pattern?

This depends on the height of your skirt or dress you plan to wear it with. The only rule is that the half slip should be shorter than the hem of the skirt or dress. Wear some of your dresses and skirts and take that measure.  Measure on your body the length from the waist to where you want the half slip to end. Double this measure. Add 1/4 meters to it. This is how much fabric you will need to sew up this pattern.

If you have a wider fabric ( 44 inch and above) you may be able to cut with less length of fabric, depending on your hip round. The width of the fabric may accommodate the full pattern in which case you would not need to make one of the side seams.

If you have enough fabric you can cut this pattern on the bias. This will give you more ease and stretch obviously.

DIY Half Slip Pattern & sewing instruction.

half slip

Step 1

Cut two pieces of fabric with the following measurements

Length = Length of the skirt + 2 inch ( I made mine 16 inch in length so cut the fabric at 18 inch)

Width = (Hip round measurement + 5 inch ease + 1 inch seam allowance ) divided by 2

Step 2

Cut elastic to the size of your waist round measure minus 1 inch

Step 3

Make a tube out of this pieces by joining the two side seams right sides together. Sew with a seam allowance of 1/2 inch . Finish the fabric edges.

Step 4

Make an elastic waistband by turning under 1/2 inch first and then 1 inch. Press in place. Edge stitch. Leave a 1″ opening to insert elastic.make a half slip

Step 5

Insert elastic with a safety pin.Join the elastic  ends together with two or three lines of zig zag stitches. Sew the opening closed

Step 6

Finish the hem with a rolled hem finish.You can add a beautiful fabric trim like lace to the edges for a pretty finish.

(To Sew the lace to the bottom edge of your slip, keep the lace edge aligned with the fabric edge, both right sides together- good edge of lace facing up. Sew with a zig zag stitch. Turn the lace down. Top stitch in place. )

half slip

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