A very Simple Summer Top Pattern & tutorial

simple top

At times you cannot bother to sew complicated collars, button stands or zippers. But you want to wear something you have sewn. This top is the exact thing you need. If you mind exposed shoulders you can wear it over plain t-shirts or wear it as it is for a quick and simple summer top.

Step 1 

Cut out the pattern pieces for the front and back bodices as per the pattern given below. Learn more about cutting fabric for sewing clothes here.

Cut on folded fabric – length A-E depends on what you want for the top- add 1 inch for hem allowance and top edge.

Front bodice for the top


Back bodice pattern

Important note : the length of D-G should be same for both the pieces.

Step 2 

Cut out 4 pieces of bias strips ( bias cut fabric pieces) of width 3/4 inches and length equalling the armhole of the bodices.

simple top sewing pattern

Step 3 

Bind the armholes with the bias strips


make a simple easy top

simple top sewing tutorial

making a simple top

Step 4 

Cut  2 inch fabric strips equalling the top edge of both bodices + 1 inch extra for folding in. 

simple top sewing tutorial and pattern

Step 5 

Keep the piece right side down on the top of edge of the bodice. Keep the edges folded in. Stitch the top edge in place.

Turn the piece to the back and stitch in place. Do not stitch the sides closed – you need it open on all 4 edges to insert the drawstrings. Here you are making a casing for the drawstring. Do this for both bodices

simple intructions for sewing of a top

sewing a simpe top

Step 6 

Sew the hem of both the bodices. Because the hem is cut slightly curved you will have to make a narrow hem

Step 7 

Join the side seams of both the bodices 

sew a simple top

Step 8 

Make a piece of thin fabric tube of length 1.50 meters or cut out ribbon of the same length. If you want instructions for making the thin fabric tube check out this post on making fabric tubes 

Basically, you cut out 1.5 meters of fabric strip pieces of 1-inch width and keep it folded by the middle right sides together. Stitch through the middle. Turn the tube right side out with the help of needle and thread. (Wrong side of the needle passing through the tube turning it right side out as effectively as any fabric tube turner)

sewing pattern for a simple top

Step 9 

Insert the drawstring through the front bodice right side with the help of a pin

sewing a simple top with pattern

Insert the other end of the fabric tube through the back bodice casing, through the right side. 

sewing tutorial for a simple top

The ends of the drawstrings will be tied after wearing the top

sewing pattern for a simple easy top

Is there a more easier top to sew than this.

simple top pattern

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  1. This was really helpful. I’m not really a designer, I haven’t gone to any fashion school but I have interest in sewing. So when I saw this I picked up a fabric and followed all the steps. I made some small mistakes but I really love the result. Ps: It’s the very first top I’ll make.

  2. Just recently found this site. Many excellent tips. I have been sewing for many years, but only recently making my own patterns. I have looked about a bit and likely missed it, but I cannot find the seam allowance used for the patterns. Are we using 1/2” for all clothing? Are you using 1/4” for things like bias strips? Thanks again.

  3. Yes i tried it…and now itz ready to wear…but I’m a designer by myself. So i made small changes in it…in tips of kurti

  4. I am half way through this project which I chose as my first as was ‘easy peasy’ ? however the calculations have really confused me. And now I think I have messed it up. In the measurement calculations should the extra inches be added to the hip/bust measurements before dividing by the 3,4 or 6” stated or after?

    1. Post

      Hi Yvonne
      The calculations are as written on the pics. Hip is divided by 4 first and then added extra allowance ( for the fullness, seam etc)

      1. Ah great, thanks Sarina that’s how I calculated it. It does look a bit strange though (but may be due to doing for a child), so may need to adjust a little.

  5. Why not sew side seams together before applying binding.? What are the seam allowances? Confusing about adding 1 inch at top & bottom…is that included in A-B or extra???

  6. I’m a beginner and I want to try it as it seems easy but is there any video tutorial available for how to do it? because I’m more of a visual learner. thank you.

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  7. Very well explained.
    Please is the method same for stitching dress for a girl of 5-8 yrs old.
    Specially measurement from A to B.

  8. Has anybody already tried this pattern? If so are there any *keep in mind* details? Im a beginner but a fast learner 🙂

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