How to add extra length to your short jeans :4 easy ways

If you want to add extra length to your jeans for whatever reason, at first you may think it will not look alright. But there are workarounds to this. Here are the solutions.

How to make jeans longer – Adding length to jeans 

Different ways to add additional length to short jeans

1. Add extra length at the hem as a cuff

pant cuffs

To increase the length of the pants with cuffs, you will need to take the cuff in the following dimension : Decide on the extra length you will need to add – mutiply this by 4 and add 1″ extra as seam allowance.

For eg. you want an extra 1 inch height to your jeans, multiply 1 inch by 4 and add 1 inch seam allowance; so take cuff fabric of length 5 inches.

The width of the cuff should be the circumference of the pant leg bottom edge plus 1 inch extra as seam allowance.

If you want to sew a cuff like this to add length to your jeans, Checkout this post on How to add cuffs to pants and jeans

2. Add extra length at the hem as a contrast band

To add a contrast band at the end of your jeans, decide on the length you need. Double this and add 1 inch as seam allowance. 

Add this to the hem – First, cut off the hem edge of your jeans. To stitch this, first sew the fabric into a tube by joining the short ends. Fold this by the middle and then, keeping the two edges together, join this to the hem of the jeans.

3. Add extra length as patchwork

If you add a patchwork piece to your jeans diagonally, you can increase the height. The added fabric ought to be the same weight as the denim. It is better if it is denim of the same weight and color. Make sure that the seams match.

4. Add trims to the hem

fringe trim

Checkout this post on adding trims to fabric.

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