How to add a {SIDE SEAM POCKET} to your clothes

Side seam Pocket is a super convenient pocket that you can sew on to any garment of yours which has a side seam. This is very well hidden in the folds of the side seams so a very popular choice when you sew your own clothes.

side seam pocket

I regularly have to use a seam ripper on to my store brought tunics to add this very discreet ( name it hidden) pocket. The convenience of this cute pocket outweighs the inconvenience of unpicking the stitches. 

What fabric do you need to sew a side seam pocket Fabric :

2 small pieces of fabric each 8 inch by 10 inch. I use lining fabric to make this pocket in a complimenting colour. You can use any lightweight fabric as you do not want the bulk in the side seams or the pocket causing the fabric to hang down.

Step 1 – Make the pocket pattern pieces

You need to mark the pocket first. It is easy to mark it straight on to the fabric. Just keep your hand spread out and mark around it in the shape given below.

side seam pocket sewing

For one side pocket, you need 2 pieces of this pattern.

Step 2. Mark pocket placement.

Mark where you want the pocket to be. On both the front piece and the back piece. Please know that your hip is some 7 inches from your waist so if you want the pocket near the hip you need to place it accordingly.

If you are adding the pockets to a store brought garment, you need to unpick the side seam stitches with the help of a seam ripper before you mark.

side seam pocket

Step 3. Stitch pocket to the garment. 

On the front piece pin one of the pockets right sides together. Stitch the seams.
On the back piece also pin the other pocket piece right sides together. Stitch the seams.

Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance or a seam allowance lesser than the side seam allowance. This is so that the pocket will stay inside the side.

Finish the edges with a zig zag or overlock.

add side seam pocket

Step 5. Stitch side seams.

Now stitch the side seams as usual but when you reach the pocket pivot the needle to complete stitching the pockets together then continue sewing the side seams till the end.

side seam pocket
Easy peasy right – you have a well hidden side seam pocket drafted and sewn with the help of your hand literally.

Here are other types of side seam pockets

Side seam pocket with zipper.

side seam pocket

The top edge side seam pocket.

If you want to add this type of pocket on your clothes, check out this tutorial to sew a gathered skirt with pockets.

how to sew gathered skirt with pockets

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