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No-Sew Fastener for your sewing

On some fabrics, you would rather not sew much, not even fasteners – like leather, thick faux leather, other coated materials. But what do you do when you have to have a fastener? A metal prong snaps is your friend here – No sewing required at all. The prongs on the fastener attaches to the fabric. This is a very frequently seen fastener in store bought kids’ clothes.

You need a snap setting tool for efficiently attaching the snaps.

prong snaps

The snap set consists of 4 parts. One stud part and a ring with the prongs and another fastener part and another ring with prongs. The stud part goes to the overlapping side and the fastener is attached to the other side, so that it comes under the stud.

prong snaps
4-pieces of the prong snaps

The ring with the prongs is what you see on the right side of the fabric after it is attached on the stud side.

metal prong snap setting tutorial
Rightside of the stud part of snaps

The fastener side is what you will see on the right side of the fabric on the other side of your garment. This is so that it can be fastened properly.

Take one of the rings with prongs and using the prongs pierce the fabric .

Bring the fastener part on top of the prongs

Take the stud part (the projecting part) and take it to the back of the fabric where the prongs are projecting. Keep the stud part on top. Using the stud setting tool press both of them together. 

metal prong snaps setting tool

You may have to use a hammer on it if the tool is not efficient. The two parts will attach to each other as you press them together.

snaps setting tool with prongs You will have your snap parts together – the ring part on the outside as in the picture below and the stud part on the inside (Picture above).

snaps with prongs

You will have to repeat this on the other side as well so that you can attach the stud part to the fastener part. On the other side you have to set the ring part on the back of the fabric and the other fastener part on the outside.

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