5 easy Peacock Feather Embroidery Designs

Peacock feather is considered to bring in good luck, peace and harmony. For me, it combines beauty with good fortune and I especially love it because it has all my favourite colors. The original peacock feathers have iridescent colors – metallic blue and green are the dominant colors.

Here are 5 easy peacock feather embroidery designs and some common color combinations that you can use to do these. You can use these to decorate bedsheets, pillowcases etc. 

None of the embroidery designs I do will ever match the beauty of the original. But with peacock feather, you cannot go much wrong. They are beautiful, done whichever way. The designs I have given here can serve as a guideline for you to do your own beautiful peacock feather embroidery.

Peacock Feather Embroidery design 1.

peacock feather embroidery

Peacock Feather Embroidery design 2

You can work the designs with simple cross stitches.

peacock feather embroidery


Peacock Feather Embroidery design 3

As you may have noticed, the peacock feather has a heart shape inside – you can fill it up with satin stitches.

Peacock Feather Embroidery design 4

peacock feather embroidery

Peacock Feather Embroidery design 5

Work an abstract peacock feather with fly stitches.

You can copy one of the machine embroidered peacock feathers like this one.

peacock feather

Or a rhinestone fixed design like this.

peacock feather design

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