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25 Different types of Sleeve hems and Cuffs

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A sleeve cuff is a finish given to the sleeve at the hem – It is an extra layer of fabric added to the sleeve edge. Normally the sleeve hem has a simple turned edge hem. But when you want something different you can try one of these beautiful cuffs :


Barrel cuff/ Single cuff

This is the common shirt cuff – A single layer cuff buttoned with one or two buttons. The sleeve edge is usually pleated or gathered onto the cuff and has a simple placket opening. The end corner of the cuff may be straight, rounded or mitered.

Double cuff/ French Cuff 

This is a double layered broad cuff band seen on men’s dress shirt with a turned back style. It is usually fastened with cuff links/cuff knots.

Tab cuff

This is any style of cuff with a tab emerging from inside the sleeve to fold and fasten it up.

Two buttoned cuff

A shirt cuff which fastens with two buttons.

Mitered single cuff / Angled cuff

sleeve cuffs

This is a shirt cuff with a mitered cut at the cuff end.

Rounded single cuff

sleeve cuffs

This is a shirt cuff with rounded corner.

Adjustable Cuffs

This refers to cuffs that are fastened as well as loosened, or tightened with buttons, zippers, elastic etc. A hook and loop attached cuff is another adjustable cuff.

Belted cuff

This is a cuff with a belt around

Band cuff

This cuff has a simple fabric band into which the sleeve edge is gathered and stitched without any opening.

Blazer cuff

sleeve cuffs

This is the usual hem of a blazer sleeve – with a column of small buttons fastened with buttonholes.

Cavalier cuff

A deep long cuff, fitted at the wrist, but may flare as it goes up.

Convertible cuff

This refers to shirt cuffs that can be fastened with simple buttons, or with cufflinks/cuff knots.

Contrast cuff

The contrast element may be the whole cuff band or the inside of the cuff which shows when you turn it up.

Drawstring hem / cuff

An edge or cuff with a drawstring going through it- it is an adjustable cuff.

Decorative cuff

A cuff band which is decorated with embroidery / sequins etc.

Gathered/ Cinched/Elastic band hem/cuff

These are all gathered sleeve hems – it could be at the edge or just above the hem creating a frill. The elastic cuff or edge has elastic drawn through it.

Fold up/Turn back/Roll back cuff

A cuff which is worn folded up – it can be tacked in places to keep its position.

Gauntlet cuff

This is a wide and flared turned back double cuff, often seen in suit jackets, with the outward corner curved.

Laced up cuff

This is a wide cuff with eyelets and a laced up fastening.

Loop cuff

A cuff with button and a loop.

Pleated cuff

There is a pleated portion after the cuff band.


This cuff is a wide puffy exaggerated band of fabric which is gathered or pleated  – this is then stitched to the end of the sleeve.

Rib knit cuff

sleeve cuff

A Rib knit cuff is made of a heavy stretchy special knit fabric.

Ruffle cuff/Ruff cuff

sleeve cuff

This cuff has a gathered or pleated frill. A ruff cuff is fully frilled and starched.

Shirred cuff/Smoked cuff

This style may have a separate shirred band (elastic thread shirring) attached as a separate cuff or as part of the sleeve hem.

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