Faux Fur collar scarf- DIY Pattern & tutorial

Learn to make an easy Faux fur collar scarf which you can wear with any dress or top. A perfect accessory for a winter wardrobe

faux fur collar diy tutorial.

DIY faux fur collar with ribbon ties 

With this faux fur collar scarf, you don’t have to choose warmth over style. This is a collar scarf that you can mix and match with any of the dresses in your wardrobe and look trendy and warm at the same time. You can wear it over jackets, sweaters, and vests as well. The versatility this collar scarf will bring to your wardrobe is great. It is also a fits-all style that any one in your family can wear.

Pattern for the Faux Fur Collar scarf

Faux fur collar scarf

Make the pattern on a piece of fabric.

faux fur collar diy

Step 1

Cut out the faux fur pieces. Remember to keep the pattern pieces two ways i.e left and right. Cut out the lining piece with the same pattern.

Step 2

Stitch the main piece center joint by keeping the left and right pieces right sides together. Do the same for the lining as well.You now have the main piece and lining piece ready.

faux fur collar

Step 3

Keep the lining and fur pieces right sides together. 

faux fur collar scarf


Pin the ribbons on both the short sides in between the fur piece and lining.

fake fur collar diy

Join the the lining and main piece along the edges by keeping them right sides together. 

faux fur scarf

I didn’t align the lining piece edge exactly with the main piece edge. I made the lining extend 1/16 inch from the fur piece edge. This is so that when you turn the piece right side out, the lining will not roll to the front and be visible from the front. It does not matter that the lining will look stretched when you are sewing.

You may have to stretch the lining on the short edges as you sew. Stitch all along the edge, leaving a 2-inch space near the center seam. This is for turning the piece inside out.

faux fur scarf diy

Turn the faux fur collar scarf inside out through the opening. Slip stitch the opening closed.

fake fur scarf

faux fur scarf

faux fur collar scarf diy

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