Bodices (10 Different types)

According to oxford dictionary, ‘Bodice’ is the “close-fitting upper part of a dress, covering the chest and back on top of the waist”. It covers the body from neck to waist – this is true for all the bodices out there but there are many variations in the style of a bodice

Different types of bodices

Princess style bodice

Princess style bodice

This is a tight-fitting bodice style with a sweetheart neckline and princess seams. These seams are vertical seams that give the bodice a formfitting shape.

Strapless Bodice

Strapless type of bodice

Grecian style pleated bodice

Grecian type of bodice

This is a deep V necked bodice with pleated fabric forming the front bodice.

Empire bodice

bodice types - empire style

This bodice ends just under the bust on the narrowest part of your torso. This bodice is usually accompanied by a low scoop neckline.

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Asymmetrical bodice

bodice types - asymmetrical

This is a bodice with sides unequal in shape or proportion or design. An example is a one shoulder style.

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Peplum bodice (Casaque bodice)

bodice types -peplum

This is a bodice with a separate skirt added to the bottom edge.

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Ruched Bodice

Ruched bodice type

This type of bodice will consist of a puckered fabric. The fabric is gathered and puckered by various means. Learn more about different ways to do ruching here.

Dropped waist bodice

bodice types - dropped

In this bodice style, the waistline is way below the natural waistline.

Basque Bodice

bodice types - basque

This is a very tightfitting bodice. Also called a corset bodice. The body shape is maintained with the help of vertical seams and boning.

Draped Bodice

bodice types - drape style

In this bodice, the front and sometimes the back will have fabric falling in a drape over the bustline and the back.

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