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I am at a stage when I would do any thing to prevent hair loss. My husband says that hair from the whole apartment building where we live seems to have been dumped at our place. Not so, It is all my hair on the floor. I never knew I have all this much hair while it was on my head. I have read that a night cover while sleeping can prevent some of the hair loss.

A night cover or cap can also prevent frizzy hair. Tossing all over the bed is not so great for smooth and silky hair.

I made this night cover in satin. You can also make it in some fabric which is thin but tightly woven. 

satin night head cover

Take the measurement around your head (circumference) where you will be wearing the night cover – around your temple to the back of the neck. 

To make this night cover with an elastic band, cut out 2 fabric pieces of width 2.5 inches and length equalling the circumference of your head which you measured plus 4 to 5 inches extra. 

Cut out a circle measuring a minimum of 16 inches in diameter. More bigger circle means more fluffy cover- if you have a lot of hair you may need bigger circle – I wouldn’t know.


night head cap for sleep

Make two rows of gathering stitches around the circle outer edge – gather the stitches.

The finished gathered edge should match the long fabric pieces for the band you have cut out.

Keep the gathered cicle in front of you rightside out. 

night head covering

Keep one of the long fabric pieces right side up infront of you , with the short edge folded to the back some 1/2 inch. Now Keep the gathered circle edge rightside up on top of this. Keep the other fabric piece on top rightside down, with the short edge folded to the back some 1/2 inch.  

head cover for sleep

The gathered circle edge is now sandwiched in between the fabric pieces. Ensure that the rightsides of fabric pieces are to the inside. 

Fold the short edges to the inside.

Sew along the edge joining all of these together. When you end, over lap over the folded short edge and fold the short edge to the back.  


night head cover

Bring the two fabric pieces down.

Join the short edges together for the two fabric pieces. 

When the stitching is finished it will look like this.  

night head cover

Fold the long edges to the inside and stitch in place. When you reach the end leave 1 inch unstitched (to insert elastic.)

Cut out elastic of width 1/2 inch and length equalling your head circumference minus 2 inch. Insert the elastic; sew the opening shut.  

If you do not have elastic you can make this head cover.  This fastens at the back of the head with a drawstring. 

night head cover

Take a piece of fabric which is 17.5 inch in length and 26 inch in width.  

night head cover

Mark a semi circle (dome shape) on this fabric.  

night head cover

Fold the long side to the inside twice (2 inches total) and sew in place.  

night head cover

Fold the curved shape to the inside and sew in place – to make a casing for a drawstring.  When you sew it will be slightly twisty but this is alright – when you gather with the drawstring it is alright.

night head cover

Insert the drawstring through the channel you have made. I am using a shoe lace as the dawstring.

After putting on your head, tighten the drawstring at the back of your head and tie in place.

Another option is to make a slouchy beanie hat – you can make one from old t-shirt material or any knit fabric. Check out the tutorial for slouchy beanie hat here.

slouchy beanie hat pattern

I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for that article! I made a night cap years ago too. I have found a wonderful, all natural solution to hair loss: 2 parts castor oil to 1 part white iodine (decolored iodine) and a few drops of some or both of these essential oils: jojoba oil, rosemary oil. This worked on my hypothyroidism induced bald spots! If yours is really bad maybe have your blood tested for thyroid function. I spray it on my roots where the hair is thinning the night before I shampoo and rub it in really well. Hope it works for you too. Good luck to you.

    1. Hi Lee
      Yes, I was thinking of the thyroid thing too. Thanks for the suggestion and the oil solution. Will try it out.

    2. Hi Lee Hoy, I did not know that hair loss could be connected to hypothyroidism. Will try your suggestion, and sew a night cap. Perhaps consult a doctor, too.
      Thank you for posting this information.

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