How to Dip Dye fabric to Ombré shades

Dip Dyeing is dipping and dyeing, simple. If you love the ombre shading, dip dyeing is an easy way to go at it. The Ombre dip dying technique produces a gradient shade from dark color to light color or from one color to another.

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You just need to hand-dip the fabric in dye in the easy ways given below. Here is how to.

Here the dyeing process results in different color shade intensities with the same color shade. You can also do the same thing with different colors but here I am using the faded effect.

If you are a novice in dip dying, I suggest you try it first on a scrap piece of white cloth or a scarf before jumping on to your real project or a cheap t-shirt, which is what I am using. I am using a white T-shirt for my Dyeing.

dip dyeing to ombre colors

Dip Dyeing clothes to Ombre shades

Step 1. Wash the garment

Wash it first (if it is a new garment) to remove all things in the fabric that will hinder even dyeing. If you have done dyeing before, you would know how important this step is, other than stirring the dye bath.

When you are choosing the dye, make sure you have a complete idea of its ombré color palette from light to dark to get the desired result. 

To dip dye tshirt in ombre colors gather bowl for dyeing, fabric, dye and gloves

Step 2. Keep everything ready 

You will want to have a dust mask, rubber gloves and something to cover the surface, a paint stirrer (or icecream spoon)

It’s always best to choose a container as wide as your garment to get a wrinkle-free evenly spread dye.

Wet your chosen garment (my t-shirt), get it damp but never dripping. If you have just washed the garment, just ensure that all dripping water is removed.

You can use a hanger to dip dye or just hang it over the edge of the container. It is better to hang it on a clip hanger.

Step 3. Prepare the dye bath

Fill the container with hot water. Most dyes ask for hot water than cold water. Read the instructions on the cover and empty the required amount of dye into the water.

Some dye manufacturers insist on boiling the dye bath – in that case put the powder fabric dye into a steel vessel (which you have no intention of using for food ever). Bring to a boil. Stir a lot in all cases, to dissolve the full powder particles in water.

Add some salt and mix well. Non-iodized salt is used to set the colors.

Dip a paper napkin to see whether you have the desired effect. As the first dye bath should only produce a light color, ensure that you have a very diluted dye bath.

If the color is too light than you want, add more dye. If the color is too dark, then add more water. Err on the side of light color.

Plan ahead on the number of layers

Before dipping your fabric into the dye you must have a thorough idea of how many layers or gradations you want.

Step 4. The first dipping

First dip-dyeing process for ombre fading should be for the whole surface where you want color

The first dipping is onto the diluted dye bath. Immerse the garment (T-shirt) slowly and evenly into the dye solution leaving a short section on the top, ie, if you want the top portion white in color. Leave it for a couple of minutes and lift it out.

Step 5. The next dipping

Add more colors to the dye mix

Add more dye to the dye bath and slowly immerse the garment (T-shirt) again, leaving a couple of inches more on the top portion dry. This time remember to leave it in the dye a little while longer and lift.

leave a little and Dip the rest of the clothing

Step 6. And the next dipping

Add more dye and make a concentrated solution. Immerse only the bottom few inches of the garment and leave it longer to take on more color and get a dark shade.

next dip the last part

I dipped the whole t-shirt in a very diluted dye bath as the last step to dye the whole T-shirt rather than leave the top portion white.

Once you are happy with the ombré effect, wash the garment ( T-shirt) in just cold water and then with the detergent. Make sure the darkest shade is down as you hold the t-shirt

Some dye manufacturers Offer dye fixatives. Then wash the fabric first with the dye fixative before washing with the cold water. You have to be careful about not getting any dye on the white portion.

Hang it to dry and you are done. Ensure that you hang the clothing in a place where you do not mind dye drips.

ombre gradient color shaded tshirt

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