Different types of Lapels

Updated on September 15, 2022 by Sarina Tariq

lapel on a jacket

What is a lapel?

The lapel is that part of a garment in the center front that turns back or folds over, usually under a collar. It is also called Revers.

The lapel is usually found on jackets and coats and also sometimes on tops and dresses

Different types of Lapels

Notch lapel

Notch lapel
Notch Lapel

A notch lapel is joined to a collar at a straight or slightly slanted angle, resulting in almost square corners for the lapel edges.

This is the most popular lapel style. It is used for all kinds of jackets, both formal and casual.

Peak lapel

Peak lapel

A peak lapel is a wide one with the corners pointing upwards in a sharp point. This is a more formal style lapel than the notched lapel and is not so commonly used.

Shawl lapel/ Collarless lapel

shawl lapel
Shawl lapel

This is a continuous lapel – no separate collar. This is usually a very formal lapel in suit jackets. A shawl lapel is usually seen in tuxedo jackets and women’s tops.

Cloverleaf lapel

This lapel has rounded corners.

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