What to wear if you want to hide fat thighs

Most of us have no choice as to how our body looks, so our best bet is to stop looking for external media validation (includes social media with a capital I, F etc), normalize our body in our mind, and go about your life in clothes that we feel comfortable and good and at times according to the different styles of fashion popular at the moment.

But sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by all the talk in the town and give in. You may wish for a fairy godmother who will come up with the most suitable clothing style and help you to hide those problem areas, despite all your bravado. Not always but sometimes.

Here are some pointers to note if you are bothered by your thighs.

But keep this in mind (what the famous singer Pink said in her Instagram post here).


You just have strong legs; some may call it thick thighs but that is their problem. You should chalk it up as envy, ignore them and go about life flaunting your assets the way you seem fit.

Another option is to choose clothes that works the best to create the illusion of slimming  your legs. Here are some of the clothes that can work.

Clothing choices that can hide thick thighs

Straight or wide legged pants or jeans

thighs clothing choices

Boot cut, flared, or slightly wide straight leg pants and jeans are perfect for those troubled with wide thighs. Thankfully they are in fashion right now. And the enemy of thick thighs ‘skinny jeans’ are not.

Wide leg pants or jeans add volume to your lower legs, and balance the look of the upper legs and and make them look thinner. Pants with the perfect length – long length with the hem touching the top of the shoes or as long as you can wear it) will elongate your leg line,  give your thighs a thinner look and make you look taller. You should pair flared pants with a well fitted top.

A straight cut jeans is cut straight from the top and will not taper below the knees. It comes with a relaxed fit and is not too tight. This classic style will go with almost anything in your wardrobe and balances the proportion of your legs by concealing your thighs. Boot cut jeans on the other hand are also cut straight from waist but they flare slightly from knee to the ankle. It gives your thighs a tapered look.

A line skirts

An A line skirt is a perfect choice to conceal your thighs, because it has a moderate flare that will make the thick thighs look less wider.

It is a skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually flares towards the hem. An A line skirt with high waist will draw the attention to your small waist and give you a sleek look. Also, it can draw the attention from your wider thighs and create a more balanced looking silhouette.

When choosing an A line skirt, it is always better to choose one that reaches up to knees.

Waist defined dresses

Fit and flare dresses are the most flattering dress style for women with wider legs. They tighten at the waist and widen downwards to hide your problem areas. It can create the appearance of a tiny waist. An A line dress will draw attention away from your lower body to the flared skirt portion actually concealing your thighs.

A straight maxi dress is a long dress that fall anywhere from the lower calf to the floor. Longer straight dresses give you slimmer looking thighs, because of their long line.

Fitting Tops

Choose tops that emphasise your upper body – this will take away attention from your problem areas. Wear tops or blouses with a V neckline that are not too short or too long. If you are wearing long tops, it should reach above the knee and cover your thighs. Try to avoid crop tops as they shorten the upper body and draw attention to your hips and thighs. Choose light and bright colours with sleeves like frill sleeves.

Fabric, Color and embellishments

thick thighs

Apart from the type of dress, colour of your dress can also do wonders for your looks. Black is one colour that makes you look sleek and slim. Not only black, any dark shades for trousers, jeans and skirt will give you slimmer lower body look. Pairing it with a lighter colour top will take attention away from the legs.

Knits, stretchy fabrics like spandex can cling to your body and make the area appear wider.

When you are selecting faded jeans, skip those with fading at the center of your thighs. It will bring attention to your thighs and contour the legs to make them look bigger.

Do not add any embellishments at hemlines that fall at the thigh – even if it is a long top which falls at the thigh. But vertical stitching lines like bands, tucks can make any area appear thinner. Diagonal yoke lines at the hips can create an optical illusion of narrowing the area. Learn more about fashion design lines here.

Even if it is in fashion avoid fading/whiskering/distressing/embellsihments at the front pocket or crotch area or the front of thighs in your jeans – these bring all attention drawn to your thighs. A pair of jeans with a consistent dark wash is your best bet.

Body slimming underwear

Choose underwear that will minimise the thigh area 


There are different variations of thighs – some may have thickness more on the outside of the upper thigh, some may have a full forward muscular thigh. But the general ideas apply to all thighs. All said and done, these are conventional dressing tips. Decide on which way your body works and dress accordingly. 

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