Spaghetti Strap Dress – Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial


This is an easy tutorial to make a pattern and sew a loose spaghetti strap dress.

Step 1 Make the pattern for the front bodice and back

You need 4 front pieces – 2 outer pieces and  2 linings. The linings should be cut carefully as mirror images of the top piece

The second piece is the back piece. Cut that on fold as per the pattern given below

A-B = 1/4 of Bust round + 1 1/2″.

spaghetti strap dress

C-D  = 1/4 of bust round + 1″

Step 2: Cut out two spaghetti straps

Cut 2 bias cut fabric pieces of 12 inches length and 2 inches wide. You can attach adjusting buckles on your strap if you want to be able to adjust them Make them into thin fabric tubes first. Keep the fabric folded by the center, right sides together and stitch along the middle. Do not cut the seam allowance. Using a needle and thread anchored on one edge turn the tube right side out. The seam allowance will form the bulk inside your strap. Use the tutorial here for making fabric tubes for more details. Then stitch along the edges to the make the strap more sturdy

spaghetti strap dress

Step 3 Sew the darts

Mark two 2 inch long darts which are 3/4 inch wide along the armhole side. Mark this on all the 4 pieces (linings and outer pieces) of your front bodice. Sew the darts from the wrong side on all pieces, including on linings

spaghetti strap dress

spaghetti strap dress diy sewing

Step 4 Join the straps

Keep the strap along the top edge sandwiched between the front piece and lining, both pieces right sides together. Stitch along the sides, including the top edge.

spaghetti strap dress

Turn the piece right side out.

spaghetti strap dress

Do this for both the sides

Step 5 Join the two pieces

Step 6 Cut the skirt pieces

You need two skirt pieces. Fold two fabric pieces by the center and mark A-B as the top edge and CD as the bottom edge. 

A-B should match 1/ 2 of the bottom edge of your bodice. Use this measurement for back and front skirt pieces.

C-D (Hem edge)  =  Hip measure + 4 “

Step 7 Join the skirt piece to the front bodice

Step 8 Join strap to back bodice

Take the strap, other edge and keep it inside the folded edge of the back bodice. Pin in place. Fold again so that it is fully enclosed

spaghetti strap dress

Stitch the strap and top edge in one go. Make x shape stitch to reinforce the strap

Step 9 Join the back bodice to skirt.

Step 10 Join the side seams of front and back 

Stop some 5 inches short of the bottom edge. This is for making slits along the bottom edge on both sides

Sew the slits by folding the seam allowances to the inside twice

Step 11 Finish the bottom edge.  

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