Queen Stitch – { Embroidery stitch Tutorial }

queen stitch

This stitch involves an even number of straight stitches (4 numbers ) made vertically , starting and ending in the same holes, which are spread apart with a horizontal stitch at the midpoint of each vertical stitch.Simply said – straight stitches made between two adjacent vertical holes, which are anchored in the middle with small horizontal stitches ( tacking stitch). The result is a rather fruit looking small stitch or better a diamond shaped stitch.It is also know by the name Renaissance stitch

This counted thread stitch is worked in clusters like cross stitches, to make beautiful patterns. When you fill a design with this stitch the holes made by the stitch are particularly attractive.For this you will have to work  this in a light weight cotton fabric. Like the Jali work in Chikankari. 

The queen stitch is usually worked on even weave fabric. Use a thread that has a firm twist to it.

How to do the Queen Stitch

To work this stitch bring the needle and thread up at 1 , then take down at 2, then bring it up at 3 and then take down at 4.Repeat over the same holes . You can make any number of even straight  stitches you could accommodate in the same hole. Usually 4 is the number used in queen stitch. 

Queen Stitch







  1. Try a different coloured thread for the tacking stitch. 
  2. Make diagonal queen stitches to fill a design
  3. Try different colored thread for alternative straight stitches
  4. Make 6 stitch instead of 4 which makes it a Rococo stitch.


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