Christmas Stocking : 10 ideas to make different types from the same pattern

Kids all over the world hang the Christmas stocking the night before Christmas in the hope of a visit from Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, the father of Christmas in anticipation that he will fill it with Christmas gifts. It is another matter that usually the mother of the household end up being the father of Christmas and fill the stockings with gifts.

I was that mama too; And then my kids got wised up and started making a list and pointedly hinted at what they wanted one week beforehand rather than wait for the Santa Claus surprise. But the stocking will still be up there this Christmas too, as a symbol of hope, innocence and a wonderful tradition.

How to make a Christmas stocking

First, take two red color fabric pieces of dimension 11 inches by 15 inches. Stack one on top of the other. If you are using thin fabric take two pieces and treat as one as interfacing.

Mark the pattern given below on the top piece and cut the two fabric pieces as one.

christmas stocking- Pattern

Cut out two cuff pieces in white or green as well. I have used the bottom edge of an old white T-shirt for this. If you are taking a fabric piece with the edge already finished, like this, cut the fabric as 4.5 inches by 8.5 inches. If the edge is not finished take 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Cut two such pieces 

Hem one long edge of each piece (  I did not have to do that because I had the t-shirt hem). Sew the cuff into a tube by joining the two pieces together at the sides

Sew the two pieces of the stocking right sides together. Turn right side out. Press

make christmas stockings

Now insert the cuff (right side out) into the stocking top edge so that the hem is to the inside and cut edges are together. Stitch them together

sew christmas stocking

making christmas stockings

christmas stockings diy

Turn the cuff outside; Attach a ribbon or twine to hang the Christmas stocking.

Your basic Christmas stocking is here 

how to make a christmas stocking

You can change the appearance of your stocking in a number of ways. 

1  Add Christmas motifs as applique 

christmas stocking pattern

2. Make a patchworked or quilted Christmas stocking

3 Add a Monogram/name to the cuff 

make christmas stocking

4 Make a handstitched Christmas stocking

how to sew christmas stocking

You can cut out the stocking pattern in felt and then use blanket stitch along the edge to  join the fabric pieces together

5 Make one out of old jeans 

making christmas socks

6 Do hand painting on your Christmas stocking

christmas stockings pattern

Use fabric paint to paint cute Christmas motifs on your Christmas stocking. Check out tips on How to paint on fabric 

7 Make an elf stocking with scalloped edges

christmas stocking

8 Use an oversized white sock as Christmas Stockings

christmas stocking diy

9 Cover an old boot and add ruffles

christmas stocking diy tutorial

10 Knit a Christmas Stocking

If you can knit make Christmas stockings in your favorite Christmas colors

Have you made a Christmas stocking? Which of these appeal to you ?.

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