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Muffs are tubular hand warmers made of fur or fake fur or leather meant to keep your hands warm. You insert your hands into it and be all warm and cozy. It is a vintage fashion accessory; the fashionable ladies of yore used real fur hand muffs on top of leather gloves; you can use it today as a very functional accessory to keep your hands warm against the winter cold.

I would make it for keeping my kids’ hands warm and ward off any cold coming their way. If you have arthritis of the hands these muffs can prevent hand pain due to cold. 

make hand muffs

You can use faux fur – the material looks and feels just like fur – as warm and fluffy, without any of the cruelty involved. I guess this was not a problem in the past when ladies walked around in fur wraps and muffs. Today many wouldn’t be seen alive in anything to do with fur and it is a blessing that faux fur imitates the fur almost exactly. You can learn more about faux fur in this post; and on different types of fur here.

Step 1

make hand muffs

To make the Muff cut out a fabric rectangle from your faux fur in this dimension – 23 inches by 15 inches

Step 2

Fold this fabric piece by half, right sides together joining the short ends together. Sew the edges together. 

Now you have a tube like this with you.

Step 3

Fold this tube by half. The long edges of the piece will be together (the rightsides are to the inside)


Sew the edges together; as you sew, leave 3 inches unstitched. 

I hand-basted the edges together before sewing so that it is without any puckers.

Step 4

hand muff sewing tutorial

Turn the whole thing inside out through the unstitched hole. 

make a muff for hands for cold weather

Step 5 

Hand stitch the hole closed.

You can use a slip stitch to close the hole. Use matching thread. Because of the fur fibers, the seam will be well hidden; just comb the fibers over the seam line.

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