Sew an easy Half Apron – Sewing Pattern

This is a pattern for the easiest apron ever. It is just a rectangle with a tie and a simple patch pocket, but does everything that you expect an Apron to do. You can make this any size you want depending on the height and waist measurement of the person who will use this.

easy apron pattern to sew

Measurements needed

Half of waist round ( measure the waist where you mean to tie the apron- maybe near the bellybutton or on the waistband of your current skirt/pants.)

Measurement from the waist to above knee

How to make this simple and easy Apron

Step 1

Cut out Pattern pieces

how to sew an easy apron

Cut out the Apron main piece 

Width = half of waist round + 1 inch seam allowance( The picture above shows the fabric piece folded by half)

Length = length measured from waist to above knee

Cut out the tie 

Width = 2.5 inch

Length = 54 inch + half of waist round

Cut out the pocket piece 

Width = 7 inch 

Length = 15 inch

Step 2

How to sew the Easy apron

Finish the side edges and bottom edge of the Apron piece. Turn under the side edges and stitch. Turn under the hem and stitch 

easy apron pattern

Step 3

Make the apron tie

You need a long piece to make the tie – I had only small fabric piece to make this tie, so I cut out many pieces and joined them together to make the long fabric strip

Joined it the same way that bias binding strips are joined , diagonally, so that the seam is diagonal and not vertical.

Turn the short edge of the fabric strip to the back of the fabric . Finger press in place.

easy apron pattern 

Now fold the fabric strip by the center lengthwise , right sides together( wrong side out)

easy to make half apron

half apron sewing pattern

Stitch the long edges together 27 inches from both the sides.This will leave just the middle portion unstitched. Donot stitch the end edges . 

Pin a safety pin near the short edge ( which is open) and turn the tube inside out. Do this for the other side as well.

sewing pattern for half apron

You will get the tie prepared like this.

make an easy apron

You can sew the short end closed after it is  right side out with small whip stitches with a hand sewing needle and thread.

Step 4

Join the tie and apron piece

half apron sewing pattern

Now keep the apron piece top edge inside the unstitched portion of the tie. Top stitch in place. The apron is finished but for the pocket.

Step 5

I have decided to add some embroidery to my apron. I have made rosette chain stitch flowers on the pocket piece. 

The pocket piece we have cut is a lining as well as the main pocket.

Fold the pocket piece by half , wrongsides together.

Draw the design on the face portion of the pocket.

half apron sew

Hoop the fabric ( only the face of the pocket, not the layer which will be the lining). I kept a tear away interfacing on the back of the fabric for some stability. Fill the flowers with any of your favorite filling stitches. You can make embroidered roses or any of the embroidered flowers here 

I have marked three circles . Then drew smaller circles inside for sewing the rosette chain stitch fillings here.

how to make an easy apron

rosette chain stitch

After the embroidery is over, remove from the hoop.Cut away the interfacing.

Keep the fabric piece folded, right-sides together. Stitch the side edges together. Donot stitch the top edge. Trim the seam allowance and clip the top edge of the seam allowance diagonally.

Turn the pocket right side out. Now you have the pocket piece with the lining. 

simple easy to make apron

Turn under the bottom edge and press.

Keep it some 2-3 inches down from the waistband , aligning  the center of the apron piece to the pocket piece . Pin in place 

Stitch the bottom edge first ; top stitch the  turned under edge. Then topstitch the side edges. Done. 

apron tutorial




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