10 popular clothing in Arabian women’s fashion

Arabian women’s clothing mostly consists of non-transparent, loose garments covering all of their body except for the hands and face. The Pardah system which is prevalent in this area stipulates that women cover their body and face, when outside,  as a symbol of modesty and Islamic faith.

Arabian Women follow the pardah system out of their religious obligations as well as their own personal choice.There are many who cherish their freedom to wear their choice of Arabian clothing . The arabian fashion celebrates beauty, modesty, bondage, holiness, humility and holiness at the same time

Islamic clothing for women differ slightly between countries in the region but the basic concept is the same.Covering the body of women from males who are not relatives. A common question I have heard is ‘what is the difference between a hijab and niqab? . They sound so similar. Most of the Arabian names for the garments have subtle but distinct differences. 



This is a headscraf worn over the head by muslim women. Usually they are worn around the head covering the neck and the chest as well. The face is usually not covered with the hijab. A square scarf is usually used as a Hijab wrapped around the head and neck .Checkout the tutorial to make different types of Hijab

2. Abaya

Abaya is a tunic with full body covering usually made in a black fabric. This is usually worn over other clothing and is made in a light weight fabric . Nowadays fashion conscious muslim women are choosing embellished abayas in a variety of colours. 

Abaya is known by different names in different countries of the region. In Qatar Al darraa, a version of Abaya is worn;  Balto is the  Yemenese version of abaya

3. Jilbab

This is a very long and loose over garment, which covers your full body except for the feet hands head and face

4. Burqa

The burqa is a most comprehensive head cover for the muslim women with just a mesh screen over the eyes through which the muslim women can look out . The entire face and head is almost covered except for the partially opaque veil over the eyes. This clothing is more prevalent among the more conservative Muslim countries like Afganistan

5. Niqab

This is a covering for the face including the moth and nose, leaving only the eyes uncovered. Along with this Head is also covered with a headscarf when wearing the niqab. Niqab is mostly worn in black, grey, beige and white colours

islamic clothing of arabian women

6. Al amira

This is a head covering with two pieces. One is a close fitting cap covering the head and then a tube scarf covering wrapped around the head and the neck

islamic clothing fashion

7. Shayla

This is a long shawl ( rectangular in shape) which is wrapped around the head and neck and shoulder. It is usually pinned to the shoulders, or tucked around the face

islamic clothing

8. Khimar

Khimar is a long loose cape like  veil that covers the head, neck and shoulders without covering the face. This is usually used as a prayer garment 

muslimah clothing

9. Chador

Chador is a full body covering in one piece, a  long, loose robe that covers the head and body down to the feet. A scarf is at times worn under the chador . It is mostly seen in black and is commonly worn by women in Iran. 

10 Tunics

Salwar Kameez -This is a tunic and pants worn by Muslim women in some countries along with shayla for a modest covering of the body. Checkout the tutorial to sew a Salwar kameez and salwar kameez pants 

islamic clothing

Kaftans – This loose garment is also very popular among the Arabian women. This tunic made in flowy drapey cltohes are most suitable for the tropical climate of the area. Checkout the tutorial to make a Kaftan

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