How to make a SNOWFLAKE with and on fabric: 4 Easy methods

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Do you like Snowflakes?  Those thin clear 6 pointed flakes which are made up entirely of water molecules but sparkle like diamonds. There is no way you can replicate their looks, so easily. But would you like to try to make a snowflake on fabric?


Papers and scissors were my favourite craft tools during childhood. I will cut out paper by the dozen from my school notebooks to make cute little snowflakes – and then all of those will end up in the wastebasket. When you make these snowflakes with fabric, I do not think you will treat them with the same callousness. I hope not. Here are some easy methods to make them.

make snowflake

To make this embroidery snowflake, you should first make 3 intersecting lines, making up the usual 6 points of a snowflake.

make a snowflake

After this, make straight stitches to denote the branches. 

make snowflakes

For this draw and embroider the lines with chain stitch

how to make snowflake

You can embellish your snowflakes with beads, sequins and rhinestones.

Or make the whole snowflakes with bead embroidery.


One another way to make these snowflakes is to cut the fabric into the snowflake shape.

To cut a snowflake from paper, cut square in the appropriate size. You can make the fabric stiff by applying interfacing on the back. 

how to make fabric snowflakes

Fold it many times. When you fold it by the  middle and then fold again you get a 8 point snowflake.

but to get a 6 point snowflake fold the fabric this way.

Step 1. First fold the fabric diagonally.

making snowflakes

Step 2 Then again fold it once more. Keep this shape in front of you – Bring the raw edge to top.

making snowflakes

Step 3. Bring one side edge folded to the inside 1/3 of the way.

Step 4: Fold the other side over this, overlapping the whole thing.

Now you have this tight little fabric piece in a triangle shape.

Step 4:

This needs to be marked and then cut. Mark pattern on the fabirc.

Cut out everything outside the shape you have drawn.

If you want an 8 pointed snowflake, you have to fold the fabric in the normal way.

Fold the fabric by the middle and then again by the middle. 

Then fold this into a triangle. Mark the pattern and cut


make snowflakes

Remember that the edges might fray, so if you are particular about it apply fray check, after cutting)

Another very easy way is to cut out a snowflake shape from fabric (If you attach double sided paper on the back you can use it as a clothing patch) and then decorate with 3d paint. (preferably white)


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I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.

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