Make a Fabric Tray

I never get how some people have absolutely nothing in plain sight on their tables. My table always have lots of small knickknacks at all times – vaseline box, my watch, sunglass, chargers, kindle, pain balm, scissors, one or two thread spools, books, phone, other than the water-glass and coffee mug – I am just listing all the things on top of the table I am sitting right now.

When someone (the only one – my husband, who thinks nothing about the mess on his table but has plenty to say about those on mine) asks me about the state of my table, I come up with a quote which roughly translates to “My desk is not empty but it is better than it being my brain”. I believe that creativity flourishes in ‘some’ clutter. If you have doubt believing me, you can read about it here.

But there is a difference between ‘some’ clutter and mess. A tray can contain a lot of this mess.

And I have had my sight on those Fabric trays – so easy to make and contains all the (necessary) junk. But will I ever own a table with just the laptop? I guess, never.

Fabric Tray -diy

How to make the fabric tray

To make the fabric tray, cut out two similar fabric pieces in this dimension – 15 inch square.

You also need some heavyweight interfacing -the kind you use for making bags- the real stiff one. Instead of this, another option is to use interlining fabric pieces or cardboard pieces – the store-bought trays have the cardboard pieces. Cut out one 9 inch square and 4 nos: 2.5 inches by 9-inch pieces.

(If you do not have super stiff interfacing double it up otherwise your tray sides will not be stiff to stand upright nicely).

make fabric tray

Adhere the interfacing on to the lining piece. You can heat press the interfacing but if you are using cardboard you will need to glue them.

Take 8 pieces of ribbon (1/4 or 1/2 inch wide) 12 inches long. Singe one end of the ribbons with fire (candle, lighter) so that the cut edge wouldnot fray.

Keep the ribbons on the lining 2 inches from the corner (as in the picture below). You can pin them in place or stitch in place with temperory stitches. If you are pinning ensure pins are on the right side of the fabric.

Keep the lining and the outer fabric rightsides together. Pin in place along the whole periphery.Keep the ribbons to the inside, so that they are not trapped inside.

Sew along the three sides. You can sew on the interlining pieces or around the pieces. 

Bring the thing rightside out through the side you have not sewn.

fabric tray diy

Turn the remaining edge to the inside and top stitch in place. Top stitch all the other edges as well.

This is what you will get. Ribbons all outside and the whole edge top stitched.

At this point you can sew through the channels between the interfacing – this will give your tray a definition. You can skip this step – I have not stitched but I feel I should.

Turn the corner outwards and tie with the ribbon. Do this for all corners.


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