Sew a Nightwear set for Girls {Sewing tutorial}

This is a sewing pattern and tutorial to sew a comfortable nightwear set including pajamas and a comfortable raglan style top. Sew in silky satin or soft cotton for maximum comfort.

To sew the top

You need 2 bodice pieces and 2 raglan sleeves for sewing the top. I have used extra fabric scraps from sewing the pants for making the sleeves.

Fold the fabric for the bodice and mark as the pattern given above.

Cut 2 such Bodices from the pattern.

You also need to cut the 2 sleeves; use the pattern given below.

nightwear set sleeves pattern

Fold the fabric for the sleeves by the middle (A-C in the picture above) and mark and cut them out. 

Open up the bodices and the sleeves

Take one bodice piece and join the sleeves as in the pictures below

Nightwear sewing tutorial

Keep the fabrics rightsides together and sew along the raglan armscye edge

Nightwear sewing pattern and tutorial

It will look like the picture below after both the sleeves are sewn. 

Sew both the sleeves and then join the back bodice to the sleeves

night wear diy tutorial

Now Sew the side seams; Sew the hem; sew the sleeve hem.

Finally sew a casing for a thin elastic along the neckline edge. You need only a thin casing as you will be inserting a 1/4 inch or thinner elastic through the casing.

As you do all these, remember to press all the seam allowances open and to clip wherever necessary.

You can thread a 24 inch long ( This was for a 30 inch chest; try longer if you are bigger)

To sew the nightwear pants.

Fold your fabric by 4 layers; Mark as in the picture below. Cut out the pieces

nightwear pants

You need to cut two leg pieces like this . Adjust the width of the legs and hem as per your need for ease. I took a 12 inch leg width which is quite loose for thin legs. 

Open them up and keep them rightsides together.

nightwear sewing tutorial

Sew along the crotch seam – joining them together.(Picture above- red lines are the stitching lines)

When you are finished bring the crotch seam to the middle. It will look like this

Now sew the leg inner seams – the red line is the stitching line

Turn your pants rightside out.

You have the pants – now they have to be hemmed.

(If you have more width at the back you can try the pattern for the drawstring pant given here).

Hem the bottom edge. Turn under 1/2 inch and then 1 inch and sew.

Make a casing for the elastic for the waistband by turning in the top edge and sewing  in place.

Leave 2 inch or so un-stitched for inserting the elastic.

Insert elastic with length equaling 1 inch minus the waist round – after inserting sew the waistband closed.

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