What is a Boutonniere and How to make one easily.

what is a boutennaire

What is a Boutonniere?

A boutonniere is an accessory for men that looks like a mini bouquet. It is usually made of one or two sprigs (one or two small plant stems with leaves and a flower or two) taken from nature or made artificial. This is worn on the lapel of a man’s suit. (Boutonniere in French language means a Buttonhole). Buttonniers are usually coordinated with the theme of the party or occasion.

DIY Boutonniere

The flower is the focal point of the boutonniere. The greens form a bed for the flower to frame them. Keep this in mind when you design your boutonniere.


The best way to assemble a boutonniere is to go all-natural. Raid your garden for the freshest of sprigs. Look out for ones with small leaves. Combine with your favorite flowers. You have your cute little boutonniere.

Choise of flowers for the Boutonniere

Choose medium-sized flowers. The popular one is, of course, a rose. Small lilies, carnations, orchids, etc. are other choices. Usually, the flowers are chosen according to the party’s theme or occasion you are attending, be it a prom night or wedding.

To add dimension to your boutonniere, choose two flowers in different shades. You can even choose to make your floral accessory with dried flowers.

how to make a boutonniere with dried flowers
Dried flower boutonniere

You can assemble an artificial Boutonniere with fabric flowers made of fabric matching your gown or the party theme.

boutennaire DIY

If you have to make for a lot of people, and you do not have the fabric in the correct color, you can even dye the fabric to match.

what is boutennaire

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make flowers with fabric
Fabric Flower tutorials

Choise of green bed for the Boutonniere

For the sprigs, you have a variety of greenery to choose from.

Maiden’s hair fern and Tree fern

A good pick is a baby’s breath – the small white flowers in them can look breathtakingly ethereal on any suit.

Baby’s breath

Fern leaves can also be used – there are many varieties of fern leaves. Leatherleaf fern and maiden’s hair fern are the most commonly used boutonniere fillers.Tree fern leaves are also used. Honey bracelet and Grivillae sprigs look similar to tree fern leaves. 

Assemble the Boutonniere

The total length of the boutonniere should not be more than 4 inches. Place the sprigs in front of you and keep the flower so that it is 1/2 inch to 1 inch down from the top of the sprigs. Wrap everything together with a thread. Wrap green tape over this to conceal the thread or use the leaves to cover the tie. 

Wrap satin ribbon over the green tape to conceal it. You can also tie a small bow with a thin 1/8 inch wide ribbon.

The boutonniere is attached to the lapel of the suit with the help of a pin. You can attach a felt piece on the back of your boutonniere and add a brooch pin.

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