Clothes of Fairycore Aesthetics in fashion

A guide to incorporating the whimsical and magical elements of fairy-inspired fashion into your personal style - drawing inspiration from folklore, fairy tales, and nature.

A dream like enchantment with the different fantastical elements of nature – this is the core of the aesthetic fashion style called Fairy core.

fairycore fashion style

This aesthetics includes all things that are bright and beautiful and related to nature like the butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, beautiful hues, shimmering water, magical and mythological creatures, and soft animals like bunnies. It is a magical world of your brightest fantasies.

This whimsical, ethereal ‘Internet inpired style’ was popularised by the young users of social media like TikTok, Instagram, Tumbler, and Twitter. Other names for Fairycore aesthetic are fairywave or faecore. The term Fairycore is supposedly made up by an unknown Tumblr user.

Clothes in the Fairycore aesthetics

Clothes are made up of ethereal flowy materials in predominantly loose silhouettes with a hint of mystery and imagination thrown in for good measure. 

Sheer fabrics, billowing silhouettes – these are all included in the magical style of a fairycore wardrobe. If you’ve ever seen a fairy in a movie, a photograph, or a book, you’re familiar with the light and airy, voluminous dresses that delicately envelop their bodies. The majority of these gowns are constructed of sheer fabrics like chiffon or lace. Ruffles with floral or glitter stitching are common around the shoulders. You can look out for nature-inspired attire.

Vintage-inspired edgy corsets are very popular with the people following this fashion style

Colors of the Fairiecore aesthetic style

The fairly core color pallet is fairly bright compared to many other aesthetics, and it can include practically any color, albeit pastel tones are most typically utilized. Pale green, pastel blue/pink/yellow, or milk-white are all excellent choices. Earthy tones (that are nonetheless joyful and vibrant), iridescent hues, soft grays and dusty pinks are also used.

Jewel tones like amethyst, sapphire, and emerald are also sometimes used.


Ribbons, moonstone rings, long necklaces, and golden bracelets are examples of  accessories used in this aesthetic style.

Half-up, half-down, or braided hairstyles are worn. Messy buns or curls with bows are two fairly core hairstyles.

At the end of the day, you should end up looking like a fairy, minus the wings and the magic.

You can adopt this to the modern style with floral printed dresses in lightweight fabrics like chiffon in soft colors or frilly tops or dresses combined with beaded jewelery

Grunge fairycore is a darker version of the original fairycore aesthetic.

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