Animal Fibers : The 10 main types that turn into beautiful {ANIMAL FABRIC}

Animal Fibers are textile fibers obtained from animals. They are basically hair or fur or skin or secretions of animals.

These fibers are then woven or knitted or felted to form beautiful Animal fabric and ultimately made into soft and warm jackets, ponchos, blazers, wraps, shawls, coats and other clothing and accessories. Carpets, rugs and blankets are made with rougher fibers.

animal fibers

The animal fibers are of many kinds and are differentiated according to the animal it is taken from, their chemical structures, the way they are obtained and the fiber length. They are all made up of protein.

animal fibers

The animals are raised as fiber animals. The coarse, longer hairs, hairs of medium thickness and the undercoat are segregated, cleaned and they are sold as luxury fibers.

Sheep, camel, goat, and rabbit are the commonly used animals for providing animal fibers which are very soft in texture; Horse, cows and pigs give straight fibers which are less soft. Have you considered feather of birds as a fiber – it is one too.

Main types of Animal fibers


animal fibers

This is the fiber obtained from the wool of alpaca, a variety of camel native to South America (Peru). It’s wool is soft, and very warm. It can be blended with wool and silk to create beautifully soft textiles.The fabric made from these fibers is greatly valued for its softness and warmth.


angora rabbit

Angora is the soft white hair of Angora Rabbit. It is used to make very high quality knitwear. China is the biggest producer of this fiber.


animal fibers

Camel hair is a very soft fiber and because of its rarity, a very expensive fiber. It is usually blended with wool to reduce the prize. The two-humped Bactrian camels of Mongolia gives the softest of camel hairs. China, Afghanistan and Iran produce the most camel fibers in the world.


animal fabric fibers

This fiber is made from the hair of the Indian Cashmere goat. More on Cashmere fabric here.

Llama wool

animal fibers

Llama wool is obtained from llama, a domesticated South American camel variety. It is very similar to alpaca wool. Llama fibers are strong, durable, lanolin-free and hypoallergenic but not as fine  as alpaca fibers.


animal textile fiber

This is made from the hair of the North African Angora goat. Mohair is very soft and lightweight.South Africa is the biggest producer of Mohair fibers.


Silk is an animal fiber made from the secretion of silkworms and it is the strongest of all natural fibers. There are many different varieties of silkworms. The mulberry leaf eating silk worms gives the softest silk fibers. Wild silk worms fed with other leaves like oak tree leaves give out silk fibers which are rougher. You can learn more about Silk and How it is made here.

Vicuna wool

animal fibers

Wikipedia says that Vicuna is the most expensive of all wool. It is obtained from a variety of camel found in Peru and makes the finest and softest fabric in the world.

Wool of lamb/sheep

animal fiber textiles

This Wool refers to the hair of the domestic sheep/lamb. The hair of sheep is the most commonly used animal fiber. It is long, thin and curly. Merino wool make a particularly soft and warm fiber. Australia, China and New Zealand produce most of the wool fibers of the world.Learn more about wool here.

Yak wool

Yak is a very soft wool and is obtained from coat hair of yaks found mainly in Mongolia. It is hypoallergenic, The undercoat of the yak is especially soft, even considered as soft as Cashmere.

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