Easy sleeveless Top – DIY sewing pattern

sleeveless top pattern


This is my favourite top to sew as a top for the pajama pants. It can make a great top you can wear outside as well if you make it in a fancy cloth. I had some lovely owl printed soft cotton fabric just right for a pajama top. And lovely  trim to match it. 

The lace trim piece with scalloped edge framing the neckline

 sleevelss top

Step 1

Cut out 4 pieces of pattern from the fabric – two bodice pieces and two  shoulder straps as per the picture given below. 

Fold the shoulder strap pieces by the middle so that you get a 5″ wide piece. Because of this fold you will get a double layered shoulder strap with the neat folded edge near your neck. Press the fold in place with an iron

I also cut out the 1 inch lace trim- 2 pieces  to the length of bust round /2 + 4 inches 

sleeveless top pattern

Step 2

The below given picture is the stitching sequence for the top.

sleeveless top pattern

Join the shoulder straps to the lace trim so that there is a 7 inch gap in between ; Do the same for the back as well 

sleeveless top

Step 3

Join the shoulder straps and lace piece to the main bodice pieces ( back and front) .

When stitching the lace trim as my lace trim has a scalloped edge I pressed the top edge 1/2 inch inside and pushed the edge   under the lace trim and top stitched the lace trim to the bodice ; if your lace has a straight edge you can keep them rightsides together and join.

sleevelss top pattern

See how the seam allowance is not visible through the lace trim ; that is because I pressed the top edge by 1/2 inch and top stitched.

sleeveless top pattern

Step 4

Cut the armhole as well as the side shape  as per the diagram.Mark A-C (armhole depth) as per the table given below. You can also reduce the width of the strap given in the pattern below. A strap width of 3 inch would be ideal. 

sleevelss top sewing pattern

You can skip the waist  shape altogether if you want a loose top.

Step 5

Bias bind the armhole with a bias tape

sleeveless top pattern

Bias binding done.



sleeveless top

Step 6 Join the sides and finish the hem with a turned under edge. If you really want sleeves you can add any of the easy sleeves in this post.

Bust measurement inchesArmhole depth

286 3/4
306 3/4
347 1/4
367 1/4
387 1/4
407 1/2
427 1/2