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10 types of Cross Stitch variations

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A cross stitch is just two straight stitches crossing each other. What variations can you make with this simple x look alike. Well, if you think that, you couldn’t be more wrong. The little x stitch with those diagonals up against each other in war, makes for many beautiful little stitches with subtle differences.

If you are thinking of starting your newest cross stitch project, simply incorporate these stitches and  you will be amazed at the fresh compliments you will receive for the difference in your work 

Check out the post on Cross Stitch – A beginner’s guide for details on how to do cross stitch embroidery, what fabric to use, what threads to use etc

The usual way of making cross stitches to fill a design, is by making rows of cross stitches, as in the picture below. 

cross stitch variations

You can  do these rows from left to right or right to left; just make the half cross stitches first and then come back and complete the stitches

The single cross stitch also works; even the upright ones do.The variations of cross stitch are even better.

10 different types of cross stitch

1. Spaced Cross Stitch

As you can see this stitch has cross stitches spaced apart. You can make this the same way as you make the cross stitch in rows – that is make the half cross stitch first, then come back and fill it.

2. Double cross stitch

cross stitch variations

A double cross stitch has two more legs added to the simple cross stitch, horizontally and vertically. Simply make the cross stitches, then add the vertical stitch and horizontal stitch, over it. You can also call it by its more glamorous name – Smyrna cross stitch. 

cross stitch types

3. Double sided cross stitch

cross sstitch variation

This is a cross stitch made with one leg of the cross stitch having two parts to it. 

4 Long armed cross stitch

different kinds of cross stitch

This is a cross stitch with one leg longer than the other; consequently it starts from the middle of the previous cross stitch.

5 Hungarian Cross Stitch

types of cross stitch

This stitch involves cross stitch made over laid thread. Make a grid like pattern like the picture below and work upright cross stitch in between the spaces

6 Herringbone stitch

many types of cross stitch

The mighty Herringbone stitch is a variation of the simple cross stitch. Check out the post on herringbone stitch for more variations of this stitch

7 Double Herringbone stitch

different types of cross stitch

In this stitch one more set of herringbone stitches are added to the basic herringbone row. This is usually done in a contrasting colour.

8 Italian cross stitch

types of crossstitch

This is a cross stitch made with a border. It is made as in the picture below. When made fully row upon row this stitch will look like a box filled with cross stitches. 

Cross stitch types

9 Greek cross stitch

different kinds of cross stitch

This is an upright cross stitch made in four parts and then finished with a thread overlapping in the middle forming a knot.

10 Rice stitch.

This stitch starts with a row of cross stitch and then a four legged star stitch is added to the spaces in between the cross stitches, mostly in a contrasting colored thread. 

type of cross stitch

Whatever type of cross stitch you use, some rules should be adhered to. All the cross stitches are of the same size in a design area in a project. Then the stitching should be regular. That is, you should be having the thread laid out same way throughout (if you are going left to right for the row, do this for all rows, so that when you come back the thread will be laid in the same way) This way your completed project will look even and uniform, which is an important criterion for a beautiful cross stitch project.

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  1. Shirley Kay Wolfersperger

    These are very sloppy examples of easy stitches. Please practice more and put decent samples up instead!

      1. I know this is an old post, but your embroidery is beautiful. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to providing these wonderful guides (for free)! I’ve been going through your tutorials as a I create a stitch book and they have been so helpful

    1. I’m a cross stitch newbie and sloppy or not, I got the gist of what was being offered. That was definitely a burn!!!

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    Great information and examples. I am also looking as to how to do cording with cross stitch. Any ideas?

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