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Eyelets are basically holes made in any material which are finished with either hand stitches or with metal pieces specially made for this. The metal eyelets are also called grommets.

A hand made hand embroidered eyelet

Hand stitched eyelets are embroidered holes which are covered with eyelet embroidery stitches around the hole. The stitches will be even and neat.

What are Eyelets used for?

There are many uses for the eyelets. Hand embroidered Eyelets are used extensively in Venetian embroidery and Swiss embroidery. They are used to fasten hooks. Metal Eyelets (grommets) can be used for your drawstring waistbands and in bags or to lace up dress backs. Their uses in home decor sewing are many, like those in shower curtains etc.


One place I would not use a metal grommet is on a baby’s dress but the hand stitched eyelets works there beautifully. 

The first time I learned to make hand embroidered eyelets I began putting them on all my new projects. They are the cutest things for decorating your fabric.

They can be used to embellish clothes embroidered in contrasting/complimentary colored thread; on belts, for lacing ribbons. Sew them with some petals and you have a nice eyelet flower(Checkout how to make them below).

The delicately made eyelets on fabric can change the look of it completely. Eyelet fabrics can be bought at stores and they feature beautiful eyelets made all over – they are machine made of course.

Thankfully making eyelets with hand stitches is pretty easy. Attaching metal eyelets or grommets are even easier. 

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Flower shaped eyelets

Hand embroidered eyelet

Eyelets  are a major part of heirloom embroidery. Broderie Anglais work has its basis on eyelets. Checkout the tutorial for Broderie Anglais work here.

You can emulate the same look as an eyelet fabric with your hand sewing needle and detailed stitching. They are basically satin stitch done around  a hole. 

There are several variations of the hand stitched eyelets.

The outlines around the eyelets can be square, diamond, round, or irregular. All stitches begin at the periphery and enter the same central (or off-center) hole. Stitches are made sequentially along the outline

How to make a hand stitched eyelet

Step 1

Mark a small circle on the fabric.

Step 2

Keep a small sharp awl on the circle and pierce; you can use drapery needles for small holes.

I would not recommend using snips or scissors to make the hole as they always end up being bigger than what you want. For small circles, the small awl is more than enough.

Step 3

Make the embroidery stitches (follow any of the embroidery stitches given below)

Step 4
Use the awl again on the hole to re punch the hole.This will set the hole just right and settle the stitches around the hole

For large eyelet holes – If you are making large eyelet holes it is better to make the hole after the stitches are done. After you have marked the hole, Make a round of split stitch around the hole outline. Mark an x on the hole. Cut this x with sharp scissors. You may have to trim the fabric inside the hole near the split stitch.

Make the stitches (Satin stitches or blanket stitches) around the hole outline stitch. ( Checkout the tutorial to make a split stitch here

Embroidery stitches for eyelets

Diamond Eyelet Stitch (Diamond Eye Stitch)

diamond stitch used to make the eyelet

This eyelet stitch is made almost similar to the Star eyelet stitch. It has more rays than the star stitch

eyelet stitch diamond

Step 1
Make a diamond shape around the hole.

(In this stitch a hole is automatically formed by the needle and thread passing continuously through the center so if you want a small hole there is no need to use the awl first to make a hole. Just marking the center would do)
Step 2
Start making straight stitches from right to left through the hole. Each quarter space will have three straight stitches inside.Fill the whole shape in this manner

Eyelet Stitch / Pierced Eyelet Stitch

eyelet stitch made with buttonhole stitches
Buttonhole stitches are worked around the hole. First mark running stitches around the hole.

Step 1.

Make a line of running stitches around the hole.

Step 2.

Cut inside the hole leaving enough fabric to turn to the back.

Step 3

Bring the needle and thread up to the front of the fabric just outside the running stitch.Work blanket stitches or buttonhole stitches all around the hole over the running stitches very closely or loosely.

The picture shows buttonhole stitches, as they have a knotted edge which makes it look well defined

eyelet stitch - buttonhole stitches are made around the hole

Algerian Eye Stitch (Algerian Eyelet Stitch, Star Eyelet)

algerian eyelet stitch algerian-eyelet-stitch-star eyelet stitches - algerian eye stitch

This is a very simple eyelet stitch. Other than as an eyelet stitch this is great as a filling stitch for embroidery designs. Large areas filled with this stitch look great.

Step 1

Make a square around the hole

Step 2

Make stitches from right to left through the hole.Work around the hole and make straight stitches around it to the corners; A total of 8 straight stitches are made in this manner

Satin Stitch

eyelet embroidery with satin stitch

How to make eyelet flowers

These are small eyelets made with bullion knots around the hole making the petals. You can make 3, 4 or 5 petals around the eyelet hole.Follow the directions below


Make a small hole in the fabric with a thick needle

Make a hole on the fabric for the eyelet

Step 2

Bring up the needle (with two strands of thread) two or three thread away from the hole. Make overcast stitches around the hole ( all two thread around the hole)

make eyelet flowers with overcast stitches around the hole

Step 3

Bring up the needle again through the eyelt hole to widen the hole. Ensure that you are not overstretching the hole

Bullion knots are used to make eyelet flowers
Bullion knot petals are made around an overcast stitched hole

Step 4

Make bullion knots around the hole.Checkout how you can make bullion knots here.

Checkout the post on hand embroidery border designs to know how to use the algerian eyelets in  borders.

An easy-to-make eyelet can be made by making a hole and attaching the premade mirror work thingie on the hole.

eyelet easy- readymade frame is attached over the hole
A readymade frame used for mirrorwork is placed over the overcast hole made on fabric

If you find that you are frequently making eyelets, just be aware that there are sewing machines around which can make perfect eyelets just like buttonholes. So next time you are shopping around for a sewing machine you know what feature to look out for. 

embroidered eyelets

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