Feather stitch ( 4 variations ) Embroidery sewing tutorials

feather stitch

Simple feather stitch

The feather stitch is a wonderful embroidery stitch you can use for border designs and used in floral designs. It is named so because of the feather like look of the finished embroidery stitch.  

Looped stitches are made on the left and right, base stitch being the one in fishbone stitch. 

How to do the feather stitch

feather stitch

Step 1

Draw 4 parallel lines where you want to make the stitch ( 1/4 inch apart) . Start stitching from the second line at the bottom. Bring up the needle from the back of the fabric at 1

Step 2

Take down the needle at 2 opposite to the point 1, on the 3rd line and without pulling the needle fully bring up the needle at 3 , a little up on the 2nd line. Ensure that loop is above when you pull the needle . 

Step 3

Continue to the next stitch which is made to the left

Curved feather stitch. 

feather stitch variations

Closed feather stitch

The closed feather stitch has slanted loops made along two parallel lines ( imaginary)

closed feather stitch

How to do the closed feather stitch 

The picture below is self-explanatory. Make loops along the parallel line in the pattern above 

Side open feather stitch

Double feather stitch

double feather stitch

Beaded feather stitch

stitching beads on clothes

Checkout the tutorial on beading stitches for more details on how to do this stitch

Feather stitch -variations

Chained feather stitch

Chained feather stitch is made by interspersing lazy daisy stitch with feather stitch. 


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