2 DIY fabric Gift wraps (How to wrap your Gifts with any fabric)

How to cover your gift with fabric

This post is about using fabric as gift wrapping material – the reusable kind.
The unwrapping of the present I get is always the most satisfying thing for me. But the paper wraps which gets dumped in the waste basket in the next few minutes of opening of the present is not. There is an alternative – a reusable gift wrap made of fabric.
gift wraps made of fabric
Why you should wrap a present with fabric
Simple reason – Earth needs all the trees it has got. This season’s gift wrap should not be made of paper. Let us use the fabric we have at home to cover the gifts so that one more of earth’s resource is not used up unnecessarily. I do read a lot of books still and write in many notebooks – so can’t say I am all goody two shoes but still. My bit.

What do you need to make fabric gift wraps

Fabric piece, ofcourse. The fabric gift wrap is a simple square piece of fabric. The size of this fabric piece will depend on the size of the gift you have. If you have a scrabble board box, the size of the fabric piece to wrap it should be bigger than for a small watch box. Common sense.

Choose jute, burlap, or handwoven fabric for a rugged-looking wrap. Choose a metallic fabric for a festive-looking wrap. Add an embroidered patch or applique design for a unique take. Or embroider your own small motifs. If you do not have the fabric with the pattern you want, you can make one with patchwork – ie joining different fabric pieces together. Just add a backing and you have your own designer gift wrap.

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Use ribbon or thin gold or silver metallic cord or colorful strings for tying the present – even if you do not need to, opening of the tie is symbolic. Add fabric bows, fabric flowers , trims as embellishments. 

Finish the edges of your gift wrap fabric – any thing goes here. If you are lazy just use your pinking shears. If you can sew, sew the edges with a roller (hemmer) foot or just turn under and stitch the edges as you would do for a handkerchief or napkin.

Covering a box with fabric gift wrap

fabric gift wrap

This gift wrap is used to wrap rectangular or squarish gift boxes. For this simple tucking wrap, you need a fabric piece which is of the following dimension

Width = Three times as wide as the gift you have + 2 inches + twice the depth of the box.

Length = Length of the gift you have + 6 inches ( add more to tuck for bigger boxes)

Step 1 Keep the gift box on the fabric. Turn the width wise edges to the inside (1.5 inches) as in the picture below

cloth gift wrap

Step 2  Bring the edges over the box one over the other


Step 3 Tuck the upper front edge under the box as in the picture below.

wrapping a gift

gift wrap diy with fabric

Step 4 Tuck the remaining flap through the same space 

how to wrap a gift

Step 5. Do this for both the edges. Tuck everything nicely inside . Use a scale or something to tuck smoothly.

gift wrapping in fabric tutorial

Step 6 Embellish the gift wrap with trims or flowers. Or label your gift as it is.

A super simple tying fabric gift wrap

Step 1 Keep your gift diagonally inside your wrap.

cloth gift wrapping diy tutorial

Step 2 Bring the side edges across the gift and tie once

fabric gift wrapping tutorial

Step 3 Bring the other edges over this tie and tie – tie twice.

fabric gift wrap tutorial

Step 4 Decorate

You can add some embellishments on top. Make a bow with ribbons and add a rose or another fabric flower. Check out the tutorials to make these – make fabric bows; Ribbon bows DIY; How to make flowers out of ribbon ; easy to make felt roses ; DIY felt flowers; make ribbon roses; Fabric roses DIY.

how to make fabric roses

Or decorate with DIY rosettes.


fabric roses

gift wrapping tutorial with cloth

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cloth gift bag

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