Sew Easy baggy summer Sarouel Pants

Trendy, free to move, breathable, comfortable, loose-fitting, casual – there are many words to describe these roomy pants. I can say one thing – it is the coolest bottom wear for summer.

The sarouel pant has a dropped crotch style with the crotchline touching the hem around the ankles. It is almost a skirt, but not a skirt because it has pant leg openings. It is a typical bohemian style clothing and if you love this style, you can try to make this.

summer sarouel pants

How to sew Sarouel Pants

You will need about 2 1/4 meters of fabric to make this pant – depends on how tall you are. You can make this pant in a beautifully patterned in vibrant colored cotton fabric for that complete ethnic vibe. Other fabrics I would use are rayon and linen. You also need 3/4 inch wide elastic for the waistband. 

Step 1

Measure length from waist (where you will keep the waistband) to ankle (or where you want the pants to end). This is the dimension of your fabric pieces for the pants. Take this as X. I have taken this as 39 inches.

Cut your fabric in this length (X). You need 2 pieces like this.

Fabric folded to cut the sarouel pants -39 inch length
Fold 2 pieces of fabric (39 inch long) by the middle for the sarouel baggy pants

Fold them by the middle and start marking your pattern

Cut out front pant piece as per the pattern given below.

cut the side edges of summer sarouel pants

Cut out back pant piece as per the pattern given below.

summer sarouel -pants

Step 2

You need to cut out two fabric pieces for the waist band – for front and back

waistband fabric for sewing the pants

Measure the top edge of your main pieces for this – front and back. Cut them 3 1/4 inches wide and these lengths.

Step 3

Join the waistband pieces to the top edge of front and back pant pieces

waistband to be sewn to the waist of the sarouel pants

Take the waistband to the back and fold the edge to the inside and sew in place, so that you get a casing for elastic for the back waistband and a straight waistband for the front. You can pin it there and then top stitch from the top.

sew waistband to the front pattern of the summer pants sarouel style

Step 4

Take elastic and cut it to this dimension – 1/2 of your waist round measurement minus 3 inches.

cut elastic for the back

Insert the elastic through the waistband casing on your back pant fabric. After inserting stitch the ends of elastic in place on either sides of the waistband.

Back of the pants finished with elastic
Thread elastic inside the back waistband

Step 5

Hem the leg hem edges – that curved portion in the pattern pieces G-E on either side of both the pattern pieces. Turn the edges of the 4 leg hems one by one twice to the inside and hand stitch or machine stitch in place.

Step 6

Keep front and back pieces together and stitch the sides.

Join the front and the back

Sew the bottom edges together as well. That will finish your pants and make you ready for the summer.

hem the leg opening

Can you find anything boho than this?

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