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Edgy, rebellious, bold and cool - these words aptly describe Rocker chic fashion trend - Learn how to embrace this fashion trend
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Rocker chic refers to the feminine version of the Rocker fashion style. For a Rocker who was passionate about rock’n’roll music, the rocker style was never a trend. It was a lifestyle. It was an emotion. It was an expression – a creative expression. Today you need not be fond of rock’n’roll music or be ready to fight against society’s straight elements at the drop of a hat to follow the rocker chic style.

Culture and fashion are never static. They are repetitive, cyclic, ever-changing. But the clothing that is referred to as Rocker fashion is classic and timeless. The style is unique and the same from the mid-1950s when those who followed rock’n’roll music decided to go against the straight society and their ostentatious fashion styles to now.

Here are the elements you want to have in your arsenal if you want to look Rocker chic.

Rocker chic – characteristic elements


rocker chic

Clean-cut Leather clothes, accessories, and accents are a part and parcel of this style. A Rocker chic needs to have at least one mini leather skirt or leather pants and/or a leather jacket. Leather shoes and boots are other favorites.

Denim and Jeans

Denim is the ultimate in cool. So it is never absent from a rocker chic wardrobe. The more worn out, repaired, patchy the better for a rocker but as a rocker chic you can opt for mildly distressed jeans as per the fashion of the times. Denim dresses can also be included in your wardrobe paired with the right accessories.

Black and neutral colors

There is no compromise about color – it has to be predominantly black with the rest of the colors a nice neutral. Denim blue, white are other favourites. Some splash of color like red is tolerated.

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Silver-colored embellishments and jewelry

rocker chic

Chunkier the better; Thick chains on the wrist, studs on the jackets, buckles on boots, lots of rings and earrings, layered necklaces – there are many ways to incorporate these accents in your dressing style.

Slouchy t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts are preferred. Oversized blouses or T-shirts are nice when paired with black leggings or jeans.

Right Attitude

A rocker fashion style included many edgy elements and still does. It expresses the feelings and don’t care attitude of a group of people against the rules and regulations of society. So a cool attitude with swag is a prerequisite for the rocker chic style.

The rocker invariably walked with a slow casual and confident gait with their shirt or jacket collar up and their thumb inside the pockets of their jeans. Imagine yourself having the charisma of Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent or Carl Perkins – the rockability legends. You can take on this attitude along with the clothing style and rock it.

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