Hippie clothes : How to dress like a true Hippie

Clothes and accessories that are involved in the Hippie fashion style that gained popularity in the 1960s

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A little bit of history on the Hippie style

The hippie culture is supposed to have originated in Germany by the name Wandervogel in the 19th century. But it gained momentum worldwide during the 1960s, when counter-culture movements started influencing the youth. The Hippie aesthetic is such an anti-establishment movement and style that gained traction in the second half of the 1960s.

Many young people all over the world adopted the “turn on, tune in, drop out” lifestyle expounded by the hippie culture. By the early 1970s hippie rock and the fashion styles influenced by the music and counterculture had established their own identity, emerging out of the shadows of other rock music styles. Timothy Leary articulated the term “turn on, tune in, drop out” in a hippie convention to perpetuate a culture that is strictly against the standard conventions of the times. 

Who is a Hippie?

A hippie is described as “A member of a counterculture originating in the United States in the 1960s, typically characterized by unconventional dress and behavior, communal or transient lifestyles, opposition to war, and liberal attitudes toward —–” by Freedictionary.com.

In my mind, a hippie is a free-spirited person who cares a hoot about what the rest of the world thinks, eschews materialistic things, follows his own passion for the inner meaning of life, and craves peace for the world and embraces all things closer to nature. 

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How to look like a Hippie today

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No, you do not have to do psychedelic drugs to be a hippie (though there may be strong rumors that you have to); You also may not want to adapt hippie practises like natural methods of healing with herbs, sunbathing in birthday suit, fasting for purifying the body and mind etc; but if you just have to look like a hippie, there is a code of clothing style that you will have to follow.

The free spirited ideology is reflected in hippie fashion, which adopted several elements, including Long loose hair, bare feet, warm earthy colors, flowing fabrics, guitars and beaded jewelry. If you want to look like a hippie of the yesteryears, you can incorporate these elements and some staple clothing styles. Read on.

clothes and accessories of hippies - tie dye tshirt, loose flared pants, sun glasses, head bands. beaded jewelry and flip flops


Loose, comfy, tops and t shirts. Incorporate loose sleeves, Bell sleeves, tie-string waistlines.
A plain t-shirt with hippie inspired accessories can make the cut, but try to choose worn-out, vintage, or faded t-shirts for authenticity. 

Add some tie-dyed shirts in your closet. Colorful tie and dyed fabrics are associated with hippie culture.

Other hippie clothing include
1. Flowy, loose skirts
2.Loose and long maxi dresses.

3.Cotton peasant top embellished with embroidery.


Bell-bottom style jeans are quintessential hippie style; If you do not like this, you can instead choose a boot cut or a slightly flared faded denim. 


Although the old denim jacket is a staple of the hippie aesthetic, there are other ways to liven things up with hippie clothing. If the jacket has patterned trim, beads, or embroidery, go for it. You can always sew messages conveying the hippie philosophy on your jacket – like the Indian Swastika symbol, peace messages, etc.


A vest is a good layering option over colorful tops. In the 1960s, during the height of the hippie movement, the suede fringe vest was a popular choice for both men and women.

Sustainable dressing

This involves thrift shopping or dressing in secondhand clothes for the greater good of society. The whole idea of the hippie movement was to go against the consumeristic practises of the society and sustainable dressing goes very well with this ideology. Faded, ripped, or patched clothes can work well with this culture.

You can shop at garage sales, flea markets, and thrift shops as often as you can to dress like a hippie – if you get the above mentioned clothes, well and good.

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Accessories in Hippie Wear


Wear dangling earrings and a few bangles for a feminine bohemian touch. Hippies usually wear handcrafted jewelry made of stones, fabrics, etc. To carry the hippie vibe, try the following jewelry-
1. Long beaded necklaces
2. Macramé
3. Natural-looking stones or sea shell decorated jewelry
4. Anklets with bells Seashells
5. Large earrings with an ethnic theme
6. Bracelets with lots of dangling charms 

You can paint hippie symbols like PEACE, LOVE, etc. in bubble letters on your clothes or accessories. In a costume supply store, you might be able to buy a cheap peace sign pendant or other hippie symbols

Peace symbol of hippies
The best belts to wear are wide leather belts, belts with peace signs on them, or chain belts. Anything with a “DIY” or “vintage” vibe is acceptable.

Choose a Pair of sunglasses or granny specs.

Hippies did not wear shoes but if you have to, wear flip flops or leather sandals.

Hippies favoured a more natural appearance and rarely wore makeup. To complete the look, add some temporary tattoos with symbols of peace, love, or flower girls.

How to wear Hippie clothes for halloween

If you have decided to dress like a hippie this Halloween, you can wear a loose tunic top in floral or paisley print or tie, and dye t-shirts, a medallion belt, and an aviator sunglass paired with flared jeans
Wear jewelry made of long bead strings or macramé jewelry. You can also wear a headband or fold a bandana and tie it around your head.

Some other names used in place for Hippies

Bohemians, Vagabounds, wayfarers, wandervogels

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