15 perfect DIY Tables for your sewing room

What are the furniture I need for my sewing room ? A Sewing machine table

What are the furniture I want for my sewing machine room ? A big drop in Sewing machine table, A table for my laptop and printer, a cutting table with large storage underneath, an ironing table and a cabinet with lots of storage

What we need and what we want and what we get are almost always poles apart. Isn't life unfair ?. My poor little sewing machine delegated to a corner table really need a bigger table.My cutting table is an ordinary table which has got some  height after I slipped cut pieces of PVC pipes under the legs to elevate them so that I don't strain my back. Then ofcourse there is my multipurpose dining table. 

I am a little handy with power tools ( I mean, I have them) and have made a bookshelf and a table (slightly imperfectly) before. A big Ana white fan here. With that arrogance I have started searching for some plans for DIY sewing desks / cutting tables / pressing tables  around the net for perfect sewing room tables. These girls do give me a complex with their perfectly made sewing room furniture. Here are the 15 I found I want (all of them) 

DIY Sewing Table Plans

Ikea table to sewing machine table

This  easy sewing machine table is a  modified  IKEA table 

Bookshelf turned craft table 

18 cubbies in the sewing table is not too much for the avid sewist. So many trims and notions to store, not to mention about fabric stash. The table also has two small drawers perfect for your scissors and seam ripper 

sewing table diy

Fully Foldable Cutting table 

A dream sewing room addition, this table is foldable when not in use, making it an excellent choice who needs big table but wants it neatly folded when not in use.

DIY Cutting and Sewing Table

This table is made of a large sheet of plywood and ikea table legs and gives ample space to work with large quilts and such big projects with ease. 

Pressing table with removable cover  

An IKEA table is covered with plywood and low-loft cotton batting to make it suitable as a pressing table. 

Expandable Sewing table

This is an excellent table you can make for small spaces. It is a little limiting when compared to more bigger tables but if you donot have an option other than the kitchen counter top this is perfect

DIY Sewing Cabinet

A vintage french Armoire transformed to a sewing cabinet ; What a wonderful way for me to close door to the mess I make when sewing. 

DIY Foldable Sewing table

Made from an Ikea bookshelf and desk top this is a DIY a beginner can easily attempt. 

DIY Ikea Knock off sewing table 

This is a beautiful table with enough space for 3 machines made with 2 desktops and table legs. With drawers added underneath giving enough storage, looks quite sufficient for me. I want.

DIY Ikea sewing table

This is an Ikea dining table modified and painted a dreamy white to accomodate the sewing machine

sewing table bench diy

Sewing Table - Bench Makeover

This Tutorial has a Table DIY as well as a cute little bench refashion. An accompanying post shows how to hide the wires behind

Sewing Machine Box

This is a tutorial for a wooden base box for sewing machines 

sewing desk

Easy Sewing Desk

If simplicity is what you want nothing like this oh so beautiful sewing desk. It looks so pretty I don't mind the almost no storage aspect. I love it.


DIY Cutting table

This dream cutting table lets you work on your cutting and designing dream clothes without damaging your spine over much. The ergonomics is taken care . Now on to work 

Table hack for sewing machine drop in

This is a very easy tutorial to modify an ordinary table you already have to accommodate a sewing machine with a flat surface. 

So What to do with the old Sewing Machine Table

Do not throw it away or give away yet. There is more use to it.

sewing machine table diy

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