How to tie a Christmas bow – 4 easy ways

Make Christmas tree bows easily

how to tie a christmas bow

Decorative ribbon and fabric bows are much in demand during the Christmas season. They make great ornamental decoration on Christmas trees; you need them to embellish gifts; you can use it to change the decor of your house to be ready for the festival. 

If you have wired ribbon with beautiful glittery and glamorous looks, good for you. Half the work is done. Even before the bows are made they are beautiful already. But even if you do not have this you can still make beautiful Christmas bows.

To make simple ribbon glittery and ready for the festivities you can add glitter dots ( use the glitter glue) or glue beads/sequence/rhinestones etc or use the special ribbon with these embellishments. To prevent raveling of ribbon cut ends do not forget to cut tail ends diagonal or use the chevron cut

Method 1 Make a Simple Ribbon Bow

make christmas bow

Step 1 Cut out 2 pieces of 35 inches lengths of ribbon. 

christmas bows

Step 2 Taking one ribbon piece, Start folding the ribbon. Leave 8 or 7 inch tail and then fold the ribbon into loops starting with a big loop of 5 inches and then reducing it; make 3 such loops. Pin in place

christmas bow diy tutorial

Step 3 Take the other piece and do the same thing – folding three loops. Pin the two pieces together one on top of the other. Use a small ribbon piece to wrap around the middle. Stitch in the back to secure.

tie christmas bows

Method 2 Fabric Bow

christmas bow making

Step 1 If you want a really big bow and your ribbon is not big enough (wide enough) take some fabric and start making your Christmas bows.

Cut out the fabric pieces as in the picture below. You need two pieces for the tail and one for the bow part

making christmas bows

Stitch the middle part into a rectangle and stitch the tail by sewing along the edges keeping the fabric right sides together and turning it right side out. Press everything. If this sounds confusing you can check out this post on making big bows for a detailed explanation

christmas bow tying

Pinch the rectangle by the middle. Keep the tail pieces in the back and then wrap the middle with a piece of ribbon or fabric and secure stitch at the back 

Method 3 Puffy Pom pom bow

christmas bow making tutorial

This kind of puffy bows makes great Christmas ornaments.

Step 1 Take a long piece of ribbon, about 100 inches make a really puffy bow. Fold it into loops as in the picture below measuring about 9 ro 10 inches in diameter

christmas bow tying tutorial

Step 2 Flatten the loops and mark the side corners as triangles as in the picture below. Do not cut off the whole sides; just as marked, leaving at least 1/4 inch or more in the middle intact.

christmas bow tie

Like this 

easy christmas bow

Bring the sides to the center

easy tie christmas bow

Step 3 Tie a ribbon or something in the middle – tie knots twice

how to tie christmas bow

Start arranging the loops, separating them one by one, ensuring that it remains puffy

christmas bow maing diy tutorial

make christmas bows

Method 4 Making Christmas bows for gift wrapping

christmas bow tutorial

This is my favorite for keeping over gifts

Step 1 Fold the ribbon into loops , of around 2 or 3 or even 1 inch long

christmas bow

Secure one end with gum as well as stitching with a hand sewing needle and thread. The glue should attach the loops to each other at the bottom edge so that in the end they do not separate when spread out

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