Best Nursing cover Ever { Easy Pattern & stitching instructions}

Nursing cover or Breastfeeding shawl or Hooter Hider

how to sew a nursing cover

Have your ever felt fed up when you had to stop in the middle of a supermarket shopping and go back to the car to breast feed your baby. Or had to skip a get together because you felt there wouldn’t be privacy at the place for your hungry baby to feed.

Breastfeeding discreetly is a major concern of all mums who wants to breastfeed even while they are out of the comfort and privacy of their houses.That embarrassing feeling when you have given the whole world ( it seems like that) a peek is hard to get rid of. A nursing  or a hooter hider is what you need, in these situations.

Just keep your cover ready in your bag and feed your hungry baby in the comfort and privacy of a beautiful and lovingly handmade nursing shawl. With this garment handy in your bag, you will never ever feel exposed when doing your motherly duty anytime anywhere.

This breast feeding cover shawl will cover you discreetly while you nurse your baby in public. It will also act as a stylish cover up even when you are not feeding. Just fold it up inside your bag after you use it or leave it on as stylish shawl. This poncho style shawl looks more like a trendy top rather than a cover.

Method 1.Make an easy peasy Nursing cover without a  patternnursing-cover-1

You can make the easiest-nursing-cover-ever by just adding an 18 inch long elastic to the two corners of a 30 inch square piece of fabric. Just put your head in the elastic loop and you have a nice and easy nursing cover.Finish the edges of the fabric with a turned under finish or a trim if you want. Nurse your baby in joy without any embarrassment. 

If you want a more stylish one, which you could use outdoors also,  follow the tutorial given below. It is very easy to make as well with just one seam to stitch.


Method 2. One seam Easy Nursing Cover 

how to make a nursing cover

I would recommend that you make it in 100% cotton knit fabric for your comfort as well as for your baby’s.You can also use an old shawl to make this  beautiful but easy to make nursing cover . I would make this in a number of your favorite colours and with different trims. You can also personalize each of them with your baby’s name embroidered on them as well as some cute floral designs.Do a beautiful picot edge or shell edge for the fabric edges or sew any of the fabric trims 

Buy 60 inches of fabric to make this shawl. You can also piece up some beautiful fabric scraps in your stash to finish this cover.Mark 25 inches width along the other - nursing-cover

 Fold your 60″ long piece of fabric right sides together so that you have a pattern with two layers measuring  30 inches by 25 inches 

Measure 13 – 15  inch from the right side corner of the folded edge (A-C) ; This is the neck opening. 

Stitch the seam from C-B with a 1 inch seam allowance if it is a cotton and 1/4 inch seam allowance if it is a knit fabric. 

Hem the edge of the neck opening and the bottom edges if it is a cotton cloth ; if it is knit you can leave it as it is as knit fabric do not fray.( The seam you have sewn will lay across  one of the shoulders)

There you have it – the best nursing shawl type poncho ever, sewn by you.

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