Flared Sleeves Pattern :Sew a Flare Sleeve Top-Tutorial

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flared sleeve top

Front & Back Bodice Pattern for the Flared sleeve Top

In this pattern, the front and back bodices are cut the same way. If you want the front armhole a little deeper you can follow the tutorial here for the basic bodice pattern. The neckline is not cut but finished with the facing later.

Fold two pieces of fabric of length 33inches by the center and mark the following dimensions.

A-C = 32″
A-B = 3 1/2″
A-G = 8 1/4″
H-J = A-G
H-I = 3/4″
D-E = 3″ (OR 4″)
A-H = 1/2 of shoulder point to shoulder point + 1/4″
G-F = 1/4 of Bust round + 3/4″
E-L = 1/4 of Hip round + 2 “
K-J = 1/2 of F-J

flared sleeve top

Cut the length of the front bodice a little differently by raising the hemline by 2 inches along the line L-E. This will make the front bodice a little shorter.

Step 2 Finish the necklines of back and front bodices

Cut the neckline facings

For the front neckline

flared sleeve top

The front neckline is a close neckline if you want a more wider one increase the depth from 4″ to 5″ or more.

For the back neckline


Keep the facing right side down on the bodice kept right side up for the back neckline. For the back neckline, a small keyhole is given to make an opening there and to attach a button. 

After you cut out the top portion remember that you have to clip all along the sea allowance 

I have decided to use the facing as a yoke for the front neckline; for that Keep the facing right side down on the bodice kept wrong side up for the front neckline

Finish the edge of the facing with a serger or zig zag stitch or fold the edge and make whipping stitches

I have done some embroidery flowers along the yoke( the facing) as well as the hem of the sleeves. Follow this tutorial for more embroidery flowers or textured embroidery flowers

Flared sleeves

Step 3 Cut the short sleeves

For the flared sleeve here, the sleeve is cut as 2 portions. For a more detailed post on sleeve drafting check out How to draft a sleeve

A-B = Take the measure around your arm at 7 1/2 ” down from your shoulder tip. Add 1″

Step 4 Cut the flared sleeve portion. Cut 2

A-B is the same as taken above for short sleeve

Step 5 Finish the bodices

Join the shoulder seams of the bodices. Hem the bottom edge of the bodice. Make very narrow hem (baby hem) if you are using thin fabrics or polyester fabrics as the hem is a little curvy the regular hem is difficult to manage.

Step 6 Join the sleeves

Join the sleeves to the bodice on both sides

Step 7 Join the side seams

Start joining from the sleeve hem to the hem of the bodice.The main sewing of the top is over. 

Step 8 Closure for the back

Attach a small button and a thread loop to the back neckline

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