Knit Vs Woven : 7 main differences between these fabric types

1 Knit VS Woven Definition

Knit fabric is made of interlooping one continuous yarn or multiple yarns, with lengthwise as well as crosswise interlocking looped stitches. Woven fabric is made of a series of  lengthwise yarns interlaced with crosswise yarns in a number of weaving patterns. Woven fabrics are made by weaving – both hand weaving and with specialised weaving machines . Knits are fabrics made by knitting – both hand knitting and with specialised knitting machines. 

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2 Structure of knits and wovens are different

Knits have vertical column of stitches forming lengthwise ribs  called wales and crosswise lines called courses, which are basically vertically and horizontally interconnedcted stitches. On most knits the wales can be seen on the right side of the fabric and the courses can be seen on the wrong side of the fabric.

Woven fabric is made of lengtwise yarns (warps) interlaced with crosswise yarns (wefts) with a distinct pattern.

3 Knit fabrics  stretch more than woven fabrics.

4 Knits do not wrinkle as much as woven.

5 Cut edges of knit fabric do not ravel.

This is an advantage in sewing because you do not necessarily have to finish the seam edges.

6 Knits as Wovens as dressmaking fabrics.

Knits are generally very soft, and comfortable to wear. They are very flattering as dressmaking fabrics because of flexibility and good drape. Woven fabrics are generally not as soft as knits.

7 Knits shrink more than wovens

Woven fabrics also shrink but some knits shrink more.

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