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In the Indian State of Rajasthan, for special days and even on ordinary days each girl dresses like she is a princess. Her clothes will be embellished with beautiful embroidery designs, mirror work, and an ornamental metallic colored applique work which is called Gota Patti ( Lappe ka kaam ).

Gotta Patti refers to a special kind of ribbon in metallic shades of gold and silver which is cut in different motifs and then appliqued onto the base fabric. It gives the clothes a very ornate, lustrous, and rich look. Very elaborate designs can be made with the help of these beautifully shaped metallic discs.

Gotta Patti is available as long strips of ribbon as well as cut into motifs shaped like a circle, diamond, triangle, square, teardrop/leaf shapes, etc. The leaf shape dominates; in fact, the word ‘Patti’ itself means Leaf.

gotta patti work

Today Gotta Patti work is usually used on special occassion clothes and wedding clothes and even on daily wear but in earlier days it could only be afforded by the members of the royal family because it was made of real metal.

How is Gotta Patti attached to clothes?

Gotta Patti ribbons are hemmed to the edges of the fabric and worked as borders for a very ornate look. The other designs are usually attached to the fabric with fabric glue and then the edges may be worked with simple hemming stitches or whip stitches. Chain stitch is also used around the gotta Patti designs – they can be done in metallic thread.

gotta patti work

Another method is to use zari thread/metallic thread – after the Gotta Patti designs are attached with glue, this thread is attached to the edges of the Gotta Patti with the help of couching stitches.

couching stitch used to attach metallic thread around gotta patti work

After the couching is done you can take the couching thread to the back of the fabric, or cut off and finish off with glue.

Gotta Patti Design Ideas

Flower motifs

gotta patti arranged in the shape of flower designs

Border pattern

Gota patti arranged as border

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