How to sew fast – 30 Super TIME saving tips when sewing

Never say I don't have time to sew - With the time saving tips outlined here sewing becomes very easy to do in less amount of time.

Most of the times, life interferes with your sewing. Between your family commitments and work, sewing does take a to save time sewing

What if you could get as much done as you want in a very small amount of time when sewing. There are some handy tips you could use by which you could save time while sewing. Sewing faster and efficiently is possible. 

30 Ultimate sewing tricks and tips to save time.

Let me share some tips with which you can fasten up your sewing time and thus do more of it. 

  1. Buy all your sewing supplies before you start your sewing project. Running out of an item when you absolutely feel like sewing is a pain.

  2. Before you start sewing, take a ziplock bag and collect everything you need for sewing that project like the thread, zipper, buckle, buttons trims etc in it. No need to interrupt your sewing flow in between with mundane things. The momentum you lose when you run out of something mid-way through a project is enormous.

  3. Prewash and shrink all your fabrics in one go and store. This way you do not waste time in individually washing each cloth. The fabric is ready for the sewing whenever you feel like sewing or you get the time to sew.

  4. Organise your sewing space for efficiency. Keep zip lock bags handy with buttons threadssave sewing time buttons etc near the sewing area well organised. You do not want to go searching everywhere for that thread you want you do not even know where.

  5. When you buy your fabric for a dress, the first preference should go to easy to sew fabrics like cotton linen etc. Especially if you are not so experienced. Some fabrics like silk chiffon etc can get very difficult to sew and make your sewing time miserable and stretched out.

  6. Having to Change threads mid-way is a pain. Make sure that you do the sewing for pieces with the same thread in one go.

  7. If you use a longer stitch length you can sew a lot faster than if you choose a shorter stitch length.

  8. Also wind enough bobbins (to finish the project at hand) with the same thread. This way you can sew without stopping to wind new bobbins. I also keep some bobbins filled with threads in basic colours like white grey and black.

  9. When sewing a button or a buckle by hand, use double strands of thread instead of single strand of thread to finish the sewing fast.

  10. Write the sequence of sewing a project so that you will have a record of the various stages of that pattern . You can cross the entries as soon as they are complete for increased clarity.

  11. When hand sewing make sure that you have taken atleast 20 inch long thread on your needle. If it is shorter you will need to thread again and again wasting time.

  12. Fabric glue can be used to close an opening left for turning a project inside out. Make sure to use only a small layer of glue. The ordinary glue stick can be used instead of pins, as a fast way to keep trims, hems and linings in place for sewing.

  13. When sewing a button or a buckle by hand, use double strands of thread instead of singlehow to sew with less time strand of thread to finish the sewing fast.
  14. Mark the wrong side of the fabric with a few inches of tape to prevent you doubting every time you take it up which is the right side.

  15. Instead of edge finishing you can use a fray preventer liquid. A small drop along the edge and the raw edge will not unravel.

  16. Instead of scissors keep a thread snip near your sewing machine at all times. The extra threads can be snipped as and when it shows up.

  17. Keep a small bin near your sewing machine to catch all the loose threads. Saves you time for an after big clean up

  18. Always place the ironing table and iron in the same room as your sewing machine. YOU will save enormous amount of time going between them.

  19. It is a good practice to press each time you have sewn a seam. But plan so that you have a good number of seams to sew in one go.

  20. Learn all about the different feet available for your sewing machine . Simple attachments like the zipper foot, narrow hemming foot, overcast foot, Button sewing foot can save a great deal of time for you. Special foot like the ruffler attachment foot, darning foot can also come handy.

  21. Always keep the sewing manual near your sewing machine at all times. This is so that any problem to your sewing machine, you have a ready reckoner at hand.
  22. If you have an overlock machine use this to sew the seams of knit clothes. Saves you time by finishing the edges and sewing seams in one go.

  23. Use a bias tape maker to make bias binding tapes. You can make a bias tape maker template following this instructions.

  24. Use a rotary cutter if you have multiple pieces to cut in the same shape.

  25. Use pre-cut tricot bias binding to finish your edges. If you keep the two seam allowances together and bind with the bias tape the edge will look neat easily

  26. You can use the longest stitch in your sewing machine to baste fabrics together. Make sure that the tension is also adjusted loose.

  27. Elastic can be applied to dresses with an overlock stitch instead of the time consuming way of making casings.

  28. If you have a number of small pieces to interface, interface the whole fabric at once and then mark and cut pattern pieces from this fabric. Saves a lot of time interfacing small pieces.

  29. Pinning is said to slow your sewing down. I haven’t reached an expertise to leave pinning exactly. But you can start practising sewing without using pins.

  30. Last but not the least, declutter your sewing stash and sewing space. This is a necessity for a free flow of ideas and creativity in your sewing room. You shouldn’t have to wade through unnecessary stuff to get to your necessary items

You should not feel compelled to let go of basic sewing principles in sewing in your hurry though. Follow the dressmaking rules for finishing your sewing to look top notch.

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Author: Sarina Tariq

Hi, I love sewing, fabric, fashion, embroidery, doing easy DIY projects and then writing about them. Hope you have fun learning from sewguide as much as I do. If you find any mistakes here, please point it out in the comments.