7 Types of Exaggerated Sleeves

When you want to stand out, you choose exaggerated sleeves – this is the norm nowadays. And when common sense meets fashion trends you are right where you want to be – with large conspicuous-looking sleeves that make you look like a queen. Many people may not agree with this statement and consider replacing the term ‘queen’ with ‘clown’, but for those who love the larger-than-life look of exaggerated sleeves, there are some types that you can try.

Most of them are puff sleeves – the puff part which is mostly gathered fabric can be placed anywhere on the sleeve- near the elbow or at the wrist. Other than the style of the sleeve, the exaggerated look is also achieved by the clever choice of fabric. Check out the different types of stiff fabrics you can use to make these sleeves

Exaggerated sleevesĀ 

1. Leg of mutton sleeves (Gigot sleeve)


Leg of mutton sleeves (Gigot sleeve)

This is usually a full-length puff sleeve ending at the wrist or a Three-quarter sleeve that ends below the elbow – the top of the sleeve will have a gathered puffed look till the elbow and then it will be fitted. Gauntlet sleeve is a similar sleeve with the area from the shoulder to the elbow very full and from the elbow, it is fitted into a long cuff. More on leg of mutton sleeves here.

2. Loose long trailing sleeves

Loose long trailing sleeves

Sleeves that resemble Hanfu dress sleeves (old Chinese dress) – These are wide and long trailing sleeves which go past the hem. Kimono sleeves can have this trailing look – check out this post on kimono sleeves here.

3. Exaggerated Gibson girl sleeves

Exaggerated Gibson girl sleeves

This is a very full sleeve gathered at the shoulder as well as the hem. Learn more about drafting puff sleeves here.

4. Pagoda sleeves /bell sleeves

Pagoda sleeves /bell sleeves

These are flared sleeves. A separate piece (frilled or circular) may be attached to the sleeve to give the shape of a bell.

5. Melon sleeves / Balloon sleeve /Puff sleeves

Melon sleeves / Balloon sleeve /Puff sleeves

This is an elbow-length sleeve that looks as puffed as a melon or a balloon. The hem is gathered into a cuff in the case of melon sleeves.

6. Lantern sleeves

Lantern sleeves

This is a sleeve with a puff a the hem – this is achieved by adding a gathered fabric at the hem.

7. Double or triple Flared Capelet sleeve

Double or triple Flared Capelet sleeve

This is a flared sleeve that looks as if you have worn a capelet – the sleeve will end an inch or so above the elbow.

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