Lettuce Edge

Lettuce edge is a decorative wavy edge finish made on knit fabrics/stretchy fabrics and even for woven fabrics.  This curly edge is a very easy way to finish the hem of knit garments. The edge ends up looking like a frill.  You just need a zig-zag stitch to make this edge finish

You can use the lettuce edge on sleeve hems, skirt hems, collar edges, scarf edges.

How to do a Lettuce Edge Hem

The lettuce edge hem is best suited for a thin knit fabric. The edge of thin knit fabric curls and shapes into small ripples on the fabric edge. If you use it on a thick fabric like a thick sweater knit it may not look as ruffly.

You can choose a contrasting color for a vivid look or choose a thread the same color as the fabric. If you want the edge to have a decorative look choose a shiny thread – silk or rayon thread.

Put on the all-purpose/zig-zag stitch foot on your machine.  Change the stitch to zig-zag. Adjust the stitch width and stitch length. You can choose a closer stitch length for a solid effect.

Keep the fabric edge under the foot, in the middle. Start the machine – Stretch the fabric edge as you sew. This is the most important part of this whole sewing. If you do not stretch the flutes will not be formed.

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