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Arrowhead stitch : The many ways to work it in sewing

There is no mystery behind this stitch. It is named after it’s close resemblance to an arrowhead. 

arrowhead stitch

This versatile stitch is used as a reinforcement stitch and a decorative stitch.Here are the different ways to work this stitch and use it.

Arrowhead tack stitch

arrowhead stitch

The arrowhead stitch can be used as a decorative stitch as well as a tacking stitch like the bar tack stitch. If you use it on areas where there will be a lot of stress, you can be assured that it will not tear later. 

To make this stitch, mark 3 points of a triangle.

Start from the left side point; bring up your needle and thread at the point 1.

arrowhead stitch

Go to the top point of the triangle you marked at 2 ; take a thread or two from 2 to 3 and bring up the thread and needle.

Now take the needle down through the bottom right side point 4. You have completed one round of your arrowhead stitch. 

Repeat this stitch to the inside ; You will be bringing up needle on the inside of the triangle at the bottom points . On the top point you will be making stitches down from the points 2 & 3.

Continue like this till you have finished the space between the points 1 & 4. You will fill the whole space as in the picture below – the stitch looking exactly like an arrowhead.

Simple Arrowhead stitch 

This is an individual stitch which looks like an arrowhead. 

Arrowhead zig zag stitch

When you make the individual arrow stitches continuously horizontally in a row you get this zig zag stitch.

Add more rows of these zig zag stitches and you can make different types of border designs.

Upright Arrowhead Stitch

arrowhead stitch

You can stack the individual arrow stitches vertically to get the upright arrowhead stitch. Work it in different colored thread in many rows for different kinds of border stitches. 

Decorative Arrowhead Stitch

You can make simple decorative designs with this stitch, like this snowflake.

arrowhead stitch

Sewing machine Arrowhead Stitch

arrowhead stitch

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