Ankara Dress Design styles – The Latest Fashion trend for the fashionista

Ankara refers to the bold and bright designs seen in the traditional African fabrics. It is a very popular design trend nowadays. Gowns, skirts, pants -you name a garment, you can find it in an Ankara print.

Celebrities have embraced this style with a passion. The fashionistas have not been far behind. Everyone wants a piece of this beautiful fabric to turn them into fashion statements that tell their own stories.

One of the main advantage I see about Ankara fabrics, other than its bright beauty, is that true to African style it is lightweight and very easy to wear. There is no better summer fabric  than the Ankara.

If you want to spruce up your wardrobe do not look any further – a statement piece sewn with this fabric will turn around your wardrobe – or at least lift your spirits for the better. The bold prints in this fabric will resonate a similar vibe onto your spirit as well

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How to wear Ankara style dresses stylishly

Ankara is BOLD in bold letters. The print in this fabric is literally alive. So you may be hesitant to introduce this live wire fabric to your everyday wardrobe. But you do not have to make this change (from drab fabrics to colourful) so very conspicuous, if you do not want to. Combining this vivid print with plain fabric will balance the whole look.

Layering is a good way of introducing this colourful style in your wardrobe. Choose a black jacket and pants to go along beautifully with an Ankara printed blouse.Or carry a statement Ankara clutch purse. 

Checkout the following styles for ways you could incorporate Ankara fabric into your everyday outfits.

For a Day of shopping

A muted colour Ankara print is perfect as an office get up

Best fabric for a comfortable and stylish Kaftan

For fitted short dresses 

For bold Pants that will make a statement

As a beach cover up

As an interesting and bold accent patch on your dress

Perfectly complementing your neutrals as top or a shrug

A stunning Ankara Jacket over your little black dress

Ankara printed maxi dresses and skirts, well fitting Pencil skirts, Palazzo pants – there are many ways you can use up Ankara Fabrics in your stash. Checkout these Free sewing patterns and sew yourself a bold and stunning Ankara creation – a reflection of you.

free sewing patterns

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