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Fabric Pattern :100+ different prints and patterns you can find in fabrics

When prints go out of fashion I know someone who will stop wearing clothes! Just joking, but the patterns of fabric are a major factor in most of our fabric/clothing purchases.

For the minimalist, who vouches by the solids, with not a whiff of patterns/designs/prints in their clothes, this importance given to patterns and prints may sound ridiculous. But most of us relish the complexities, colors, and designs of different patterns of fabric available today. 

These different types of fabric prints and patterns are what attracts us to a fabric shop. They energize, inspire and give us new ideas and make us come up with beautiful creations. A pattern is a repeating of an element or motif. They are almost as old as humankind.

A fabric may have regular all over pattern or irregular random designs scattered in unmeasured repetition throughout. If interested to know more about how fabric patterns are arranged in repeats checkout the post ” 25 different ways of pattern repeats in fabric design

The motifs you will find in fabric patterns are generally classified as  Geometric motifs (with geometric shapes/ stripes plaids) Realistic motifs (imitations or repeats of natural or man-made objects), Stylised motifs ( simplified variations of natural or man-made objects) Abstract motifs (combinations of colour shape size without relationship to natural or man-made objects) 

Fabric pattern fashions come and go. Some patterns are in vogue at some point in time and then they disappear into oblivion, only to reappear again shortly. New patterns or rehashed patterns – interesting patterns are always evident in fashion.To make these prints first the fabric is dyed then the fabric is printed.   Check out the post on the different types of fabric printing techniques used to print these patterns on the fabric – like direct printing resist printing, discharge printing, and digital printing.

Have you seen a favorite pattern in a  fabric and struggled to pinpoint its name? Here is a post putting a name to your dilemma. I have listed some of the most obvious patterns/prints you will find in fabric fabric patterns

Abstract Patterns

fabric pattern names

Abstract artwork is the opposite of the traditional representation of physical objects. These patterns are mostly about forms (lines and shapes) and colors and are very modern – the work in these prints represents ideas than any physical object.

African Patterns

names of fabric patterns

This refers to designs that are closely related to African culture. It is also known as Ankara and also Kitenge. Vibrant patterns and vivid colors are typical of this pattern. They have mostly tribal and natural motifs and are also known by the name Tribal prints. They are made by the wax resist process known as batik. 

 Airbrush Patterns

list fabric patterns

This is a blurry soft pattern which looks like you have used the painters spray gun and made the designs.

Animal Patterns

These  types of patterns have skin patterns of different animals, like leopard, snake, crocodile, zebra  etc.

fabric patterns

Zebra print, Leopard Print ( This pattern has horseshoe-shaped black circles all over) and Cheetah Print (This consists of solid black spots)

fabric patterns

Jaguar print (This pattern also has horseshoe shapes but with small dots in different sizes and shapes scattered inside) and Giraffe print.

Basket weave Patterns

fabric patterns - list

This pattern resembles the surface of a woven basket.

Batik Patterns

batik patterns

This is an elaborately coloured pattern traditionally made by resist dyeing, though nowadays any pattern resembling the result of these techniques are called batik prints. Natural designs and motifs ( floral designs, birds) geometrical patterns are used. Read more on Batik fabric here.

Bird’s Eye Pattern

birds eye pattern

This is usually a pattern formed by a special fabric weave, with 4 small diamond shapes with a dot or space in the center prints -looking like the eye of a bird. Even without the weave, a pattern resembling this weave is also called the same.

Bull’s Eye Pattern

best list of fabric patterns

This  pattern consists of concentric circles or oval shapes (concentric circles are circles inside circles with a common center) giving an illusionary feel.

Bohemian fabric Patterns

boho fabric pattern

Bohemian refers to use of bright brilliant colours reminiscent of the hippie movement of the 1960s . (These fabrics are also called boho prints) You can read more on the different elements that make up a bohemian fashion style here.

Brick network Patterns

fabric patterns types

This consists of horizontal lines in alternate repeats in a brick laying pattern.

Camouflage Patterns

all fabric patterns

This is a pattern which blends in with the surrounding. It is mostly used by military personnel so that they are not spotted by enemies easily.Black, tan, brown, khaki colours are used mostly

Coin Dot Patterns

name the fabric patterns

Dots are very big, like coins in this pattern

Celtic Knot Patterns

recognize the fabric patterns

Lines seamlessly form interlocked knots in this pattern

Checkered Patterns

This is a pattern formed by horizontal and vertical stripes that cross each other. To know more in detail check out the post on Checkered pattern : 15 types of checks 

Shephered checks patterns ; Argyle check Patterns ; Hound’s tooth check Patterns

fabric patterns

Chequered checks patterns; Pin check Patterns; Graph check Patterns

fabric patterns

Dupplins checks patterns ; Madras check Patterns ; Mini check Patterns

fabric patterns

Glen checks patterns ; Buffalo check Patterns; Gingham Patterns

recognize the fabric patterns

Windowpane checks patterns ; Tattersall Patterns ; Plaid Patterns

list your fabric pattern

(Learn more about this pattern in the post “What is Plaid” )  

Chinoserie Patterns

find fabric pattern

This is a pattern with motifs of chinese origin.

Cloverleaf pattern

A pattern with 4 leaf leaves like that of a clover leaf.

Ditsy Print

ditsy pattern

This is an all over  small print scattered all over the fabric in a random fashion; ditsy prints are simple lighthearted and usually floral designs

Dotted swiss Patterns

which is the fabric pattern

This is a pattern filled with raised small dots; the fabric is usually thin.

Damask Patterns

what fabric pattern is this

This is an allover classic print with floral motifs.

Diagonal Patterns

name the fabric pattern

The print includes a set of shapes or lines organized on the diagonal.

Designer Patterns

fabric patterns

One of a kind Prints/ patterns created by specific designers. They are mostly copyrighted.

Diamond Patterns

name the fabric pattern

This is a print with lots of diamond shapes. A similar one is argyle pattern. 

Digital Patterns

how to name fabric pattern

This involves  the sort of patterns that cannot be made on fabric by any other means, but  on the computer

Fleur De Lis Patterns

which fabric pattern is this

This is a pattern with stylised lily flowers

Floral Patterns

how to name fabric pattern

This is a pattern with allover  floral motifs.

Fret Patterns

fabric pattern names

This pattern has interconnected symmetrical motifs running in an all over pattern. Mostly geometrical motifs are seen in this pattern

Graphic Patterns

fabric pattern names

Fabric prints and patterns based on pre-existing graphic art.This pattern usually has motifs like stars, circles, triangles and letters of the alphabet 

Geometric Patterns

fabric pattern name list

This is a repetitive pattern with geometric shapes like diamonds or interlocking cubes.

Hawaiian Patterns

all kinds of fabric pattern name list

These patterns include Hawaain cultural motifs like pineapple fruit, the sea. You usually find these patterns in the Aloha shirts

Hexagonal Patterns

name list of fabric patterns

Hexagonal shapes in an allover network (diaper)

Half Drop Patterns

which fabric pattern is this

This is similar to the brick pattern ; the difference being that here it is a vertical pattern

Herringbone Patterns

herringbone fabric pattern

Herringbone pattern has broken zigzag lines; It is somewhat similar to a chevron pattern, though there the zigzag line is continuous.

Harlequin Patterns

fabric pattern

This is a repeating pattern of contrasting diamonds or elongated squares standing on end as per wikipedia. 

Illusion Patterns

fabric patterns and names

This is a pattern which gives the viewer an optical illusion. The motifs are cleverly used towards this effect.

Ikat Patterns

ikat fabric pattern

This pattern has designs that are made by a special dyeing process called ikat. Learn more about Ikat patterns and fabric here.

Indian Patterns

Indian Fabric Patterns includes a variety of fabric prints printed in the different states of India. They included colourful Bandhni patterns; Kalamkari Pattern; Patola pattern; Dabu Prints; Pochampilli patterns; Temple prints; Leheriya pattern ; Buti Prints

indian fabric patterns indian fabric pattern names

You can learn more about the popular 16 Indian fabric patterns here.

Jacobean Patterns

fabric pattern names list

This is a pattern which resembles the Jacobean embroidery pattern with its stylized depiction of flowers, birds etc.

Landscape Patterns

fabric patterns

These are patterns of landscape scenes.

Lattice Patterns

dentify patterns on fabric

These are patterns which are interconnected in a crisscross pattern with square or diamond-shapes or holes in the junctions

Metallese Patterns

patterns on fabric - names

This is a pattern that looks like quilted fabric. The quilting lines will appear as a pattern on the fabric.

Natural Patterns

textile pattern names

These are filled with motifs you find in nature like waves of the ocean, trees, mountains etc

Network Patterns

textile pattern name list

This is a general category of patterns with repeating combinations of motifs like rectangles, squares, ogee shapes etc.

Nursery Patterns

dentify textile patterns

These are patterns which appeal to kids

Ogee Patterns

fabric pattern name list

These are patterns with onion-shaped motifs. It is an ancient Moroccan pattern and you can find this in repeated design all over the fabric or in a single design.

Oriental Patterns

fabric patterns

These are patterns filled with intricate and ornate motifs from India and Arabian countries. A very intricate medallion is a recurring design in these patterns.

Patriotic Patterns

names of fabric patterns

These are patterns with a patriotic theme with the colours/figures representing specific countries

Paisley Patterns

textile pattern names

Paisley is an oriental teardrop motif. This pattern has a paisley motif all over the fabric. More here – paisley pattern & 10 ways to embroider a paisley motif

Palmette Patterns

pattern names of textiles

Palmette is a stylised version of the leaves of the palm tree. The fan-shaped leaf motifs fill this pattern 

Polka Dot Patterns

which fabric pattern is this

This pattern consists of equally spaced dots all over the fabric surface in a consistent design.

Pin Dot Patterns

fabric patterns

This is a pattern of very small dots, like one made by a pin head.

Placement prints

what type of textile pattern is this

This is a stand-alone print which is strategically placed on the garment so that it is a highlight on that clothing 

Provencal Patterns

provencal print
This is a general term used for 17th-century Indian origin prints with abstract motifs of mostly flowers printed in rich colours  and outlined with black  

Quatrefoil Patterns

fabric pattern

This is a pattern formed by an allover motif of 4 similar sized partially overlapping circle

Retro Patterns

fabric pattern list

This is a name given to patterns for a previous fashion 

Scale Patterns

list the fabric patterns

This is a repeating pattern with motifs resembling clam shells

Scroll Patterns

name the fabric pattern

This is a pattern with lots of spiral shapes and curves; usually, you will find this pattern filled with vines and floral elements; named because of resemblance to a rolled scroll of paper.

Stripes Patterns

Stripes patterns have bands/ lines running along the length  /breadth or across the fabric. 

Hairline stripes; Dress Stripes; Candy Stripes ; Pin Stripe Patterns

fabric patterns

Multi colored stripes; Bengal Stripes Pattern; Awning Stripes pattern; Regimental Stripe Patterns

striped fabric patterns

Shadow stripe patterns; Bayadere Stripes Pattern; Roman Stripes pattern; Barcode Stripe Patterns

find the fabric pattern

Chevron stripe patterns (zigzag pattern); Serpentine Stripes Pattern; Breton Stripes pattern

all kind of fabric patterns

For more details on stripes check out the post – 15 types of stripes in dress materials 

Swirl Patterns

fabric patterns

This is a repeating pattern with plenty of circular swirls all over the fabric.

Sprig Patterns

fabric patterns

This is a repeating pattern with sprigs of foliage all over the fabric.

Tartan Patterns

finding the textile pattern name

This is a pattern with crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multipe colors (Plaid)

what is plaid

Toil de Juoy Patterns

find the name of the fabric pattern

This pattern has a scenic, pastoral, or floral theme especially of the french countryside. Referred as toile mostly, this is usually one color prints on a white background.

Photo courtesy for Toile de Jouy – media.wikimedia.org

Trefoil Patterns

trefoil fabric pattern

This pattern consists of three-lobed clover-like shapes

Trellis Patterns

fabric patterns

This is a pattern with interwoven elements. Trellis is originally a wooden structure supporting climbing vines

Vintage Patterns

fabric pattern

These are historical patterns which are valued currently for the heritage as well as beauty

Vermicular Patterns

famous fabric pattern name

This is a pattern filled with irregular lines resembling the curvy shapes of  worms

Water colour Patterns

famous textile pattern names

This is a pattern which looks like a water colour painting with those light transparent brush strokes and a gradation effect.

Zig Zag Patterns

popular fabric patterns

It is a jagged wave-like pattern made with connecting straight lines at an angle. The lines make sharp turns in alternating directions.

Ethnic Patterns

These patterns incorporate ethnic, cultural specific motifs (Indian, African, Oriental, Native American)

   Aztec Patterns


This is a pattern specific to the ethnic group called Aztecs in Mexico. These are typically geometric patterns with horizontal or vertical repeats. Bright natural colours are used in these patterns.

  Navajo Patterns

which fabric pattern is this

This pattern has its origin among the native Americans of south-west America. This pattern has geometrical shapes represented inside wide stripes. Colours used are more understated and natural.

  Kilm Patterns

recognise the fabric pattern name

These patterns belong to the areas of Pakistan, Afganistan etc and are usually seen in the carpets woven in this area.

  Suzaani Patterns

names - fabric pattern

  Tribal Patterns

tribal print

Usually African prints are called Tribal prints. But other cultures have their own tribal prints like the warli print (Indian) in the picture and Aboriginal australian patterns.

  Indian Patterns

Indian fabric has very unique motifs and patterns that are very authentic to their culture. You can learn a little about them in these posts : Traditional Indian textile motifs ; Names of Indian fabric prints and patterns

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AUTHOR : Hi, I am Sarina. I am passionate about clothes, sewing, fabrics, fashion and surface design techniques in no particular order and absolutely love writing about all of these including what I learn, what I experience, and what I have bought to do all these. You are more than welcome to stay here and learn with me.

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