5 types of HIJAB – Sewing tutorials to make them yourself

Learn many ways to sew Hijab, muslim scarf and tutorials to tie them properly and modestly

Hijab, the simple headscarf covering the muslim woman’s head,  is one of the most visible signs of muslim faith – a symbol of modesty and dignity for Islamic women around the world and an adherence to the teachings of prophet Muhammad. 

What is a Hijab? Why do Muslim women wear Hijab ?

The word Hijab is derived from the Arabic word Hajaba which means “to viel”  or ” to hide from view”. A Surah in the Quran has reference to women covering themselves from the eyes of all men who are not eligible to be their husbands. Hijab covers the head and the neck but leaves the face open.

Muslim women cherish the  advantage of Hijab in making a woman feel that she is not judged according to her appearance. Some wear a Hijab because they perceive a kind of protection from the eyes of other men. They wear it in strict adherence to their religious teaching.Millions of muslim women tie Hijab around their head with willingness and a sense of freedom and choice. 

So it is great that you want to make your own Hijab; This simple headscarf is one of the easiest DIY sewing you are going to do.

Checkout this tutorial for sewing tips and lessons if you are a beginner, learning to sew.

1. Make a Square hijab

This is the easiest hijab to make. Take a fabric piece which is 45 inches wide. Measure the fabric 45 inch in length as well. Cut this square piece.

Finish the fabric edges with any of the fabric edge finishes mentioned here. You can add beaded tassels and beaded border designs or any of the embroidery border designs on your hijab.

A scalloped edge is a great way to finish the edges of the Hijab. Checkout the tutorial for a beautiful scalloped edge

how to make hijab with a 45 inches square fabric piece
The square fabric piece used to cover the head in place of a stitched hijab

2. Make a Triangular hijab

A triangular hijab is basically a square hijab which is folded diagonally by the center, making a triangle shape.or alternatively you can cut a piece of fabric as a triangle  depending on the length of coverage you want as per the picture below.

You can make a simple triangular head scarf which can tie on the back by cutting fabric in a triangle with 30″ sides. Roll the edges using a double hem at 1/4″.

Cut triangular fabric piece of edges 30-40 inches and long edge 50 inches

You can also cut  a square fabric piece ( 45″ square hijab ) diagonally by the center, especially if you are handling a heavy fabric and you donot want double layer. You can attach a beaded trim to the small sides of the triangular piece for embellishment.

Checkout the edge finishes post for some ideas on how to finish the edges

3. Al Amira hijab

This is a two piece hijab with a head covering cap and a tube like hijab.

Pattern for the head covering cap of Al Amira Hijab

This head cap should be made in a stretch fabric like Knit. 

Hijab tutorial

After cutting out the pattern pieces , Stitch the fabric edges of the big pieces as shown in the picture. A single turned under hem would do. 

how to make hijab

how to sew hijab

Then sew the hem of the small piece – a turned under hem enough to insert a 1/4 inch elastic pieces. You need a 3.5  inch long piece of elastic also

hijab tutorial

Insert the elastic. Stitch the sides of the elastic secure . 

how to sew a hijab head covering

Stitch the two pattern pieces together. Pin from the center of the two pieces.Ensure that the ends are properly aligned.If not you may have to stretch the side which is not aligning as you sew. 

Sew with a small seam allowance so that the curved seam will look good. 

hijab tutorials


how to do hijab

Pattern for the Tube hijab

To make this pattern you have to take a 42 inch square fabric piece. Or you can take the whole width of the fabric you have.

Step 1. Cut the 42 inch square piece diagonally by the center ( Line A- B in the picture)

how to sew a Hijab

Step 2. Fold the triangular piece so that A meets B. Consider the center point as E. Mark E- C ( Which is the Fold ) 24 inch ( This is the back length of the hijab- if you want more length increase) 

Mark E-F – 11 inch – This is for the face opening.

Then Mark E-D as 22″. Mark every 2 inch along the line C-D from E 22 inch ( only when you point D that we increase the length slightly to 24″)

How to sew the tube scarf

This is a very easy Hijab to sew. Only one seam is there, in the middle of the front portion after face opening.

To make the scarf cut out the fabric piece. Finish the fabric edge for the face opening. Just do a turned under hem.  I then attached a trim to the bottom hem. Just placed the trim on top of the edge and top stitched. 

Then join the edge under the face opening ; keep the edges right sides together and stitch so that the stitching will be inside

You can also embroider any of the border embroidery designs along the hem of the Hijab . 

If you want a small projection in the hijab covering your forehead cut out an extra piece of fabric as per the pattern below. This is better made with a knit or other stretchy fabric. 


Fold it by half and cut out as per the pattern here 

hijab tutorial

Join it to the opening for face by the curve. 

hijab tutorial

4. Shayla Hijab

This is basically a shawl which is rectangular and long. This shawl is wrapped around the head and neck and pinned to the shoulder of the dress. You can choose to cut this hijab in any size you want as long as it has length.

shayla hijab

I have cut the Shayla in a size –  20 inch wide  x 70 inch long.

If you want a larger size make it 30 inch wide and 70 inch long. The edges are sewn with  rolled edge finish

hijab sewing

Checkout the post on scarf sizes for more size measurements for the rectangular scarves

scarf sizes

5. Khimar Hijab

Khimar is a hijab which is a longer version of the tube hijab; When it is made full length it is also known as overhead abaya. About 42 inch length will make a hip length Khimar.

A  Khimar is made exactly the same way that the tube scarf is made. The difference is that you will be using the full 45 inch width of the fabric. To make Khimar you need about 2.5 meters of 45 inch wide cloth. Fold the material by half crosswise.

Mark the pattern as below. Stitching instructions are the same as that of tube hijab.

hijab sewing tutorial

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