Sew a small Coin Purse : Sewing Tutorial

Step by step tutorial for sewing a cute little coin purse - just right for keeping some money and a key when you go shopping.

make coin purse

Everybody needs a coin purse in their life – when you go out in a hurry to grab a loaf of bread from the nearby store – to carry your card, a note or two and some coins and of course your house key; Just those and nothing else. Why make life more complicated than it is already.

Here is a tutorial to make a coin purse in a jiffy, before that store visit.

DIY Coin Purse – Sewing tutorial

Step 1 Cut out your fabric piece for the purse. To make this coin purse, you need a thick fabric which needs to stand upright. I have used denim (from old jeans) and then adhered interfacing on the back to make it stiff. 

how to sew coin purse
Cut out fabric piece and interfacing in the purse dimension

You also need one small zipper (7 inch zipper would do).

Cut off the zipper-ends to match the 5 1/2 inch edge ; Maybe a little longer to be secure.

Use a hand sewing needle and thread to tie the zipper teeth together – otherwise they will come open and bring out the zipper pull. It is zipper-disaster from which you may never recover.

Join the edges of the zipper tooth to prevent opening

Step 2  Keep the zipper face down on the top edge of your fabric. Sew in place.

how to sew coin purse
Keep the zipper face down on the edge of fabric

Use a zipper foot to join, as in the picture below – needle to the left, zipper foot clamping the zipper at the right.

sewing a coinpurse
Sew the zipper to the edge

After joining, flip the zipper right and then top stitch the edge and the zipper – so that the zipper lies flat.

sewing tutorial coin purse
Top stitch the zipper in place

This is how it will look at this point.

sewing tutorial coin purse

Step 2

Bring the lower edge of your fabric piece up.

sewing tutorial coin purse
Bring the other edge up over the zipper

This is how it will look on the other side. The zipper edge has to be joined to the bottom edge- simple. Stitch in place

Sew the zipper edge to the fabric edge

Step 3

Bring the thing right side out. Open the hand stitch (which you made to keep zipper teeth together) on one side with a seam ripper (after ensuring that the zipper pull is on the other side)

sewing tutorial coin purse
Top stitch zipper edge of the other side as well

This is done to top stitch the other edge freely. Do the top stitching on the other side. You may have to do the stitching from both sides to finish the whole length.

sewing tutorial coin purse
Join the zipper teeth closed with hand stitch

Step 4

Again bring the wrong side out. Open the zipper half way.(This is very important)

You have to join the sides, now. Zig zag stitch the edges as well to avoid fraying.

Stitch the sides

Step 5

Pinch the corner which is cut so that the seam is brought to the middle.

sewing tutorial coin purse
Pinch the corner and stitch

This is done to box the corners. This gives depth to the purse.

Stitch in place.

Bring the purse right side out.

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